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IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Conversational AI Platforms

Conversation is a fundamental part of our everyday lives.

Modern conversational AI solutions, that allow enterprise businesses to deploy ‘virtual’ or ‘digital’ assistants, have significantly evolved in recent years and become more intelligent and more essential than ever. These ‘virtual’ assistants support innumerous conversational interactions with both customers and employees daily to answer their questions, help them conduct transactions, and provide a wide range of self-service that wasn’t possible only a few years ago.

To better understand the true impact this technology has, IDC explored dozens of conversational AI solution providers and their platforms to learn more about the business value and return on investment for businesses. General-purpose conversational AI platforms can be used for a broad set of use cases, and these platforms can vary greatly. With a range of maturity in implementations, from point solutions to enterprise-wide deployments, the IDC MarketScape ultimately noted “organizations not using or evaluating conversational AI applications, should be.” Download this 2021 report excerpt to learn why.

The excerpt includes:

  • Advice for technology buyers
  • Conversational AI build process steps
  • Why Verint was named a Leader
  • An overview on Verint’s strengths, challenges and when to consider

Download your copy of the ‘IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Conversational AI Platforms 2021 Vendor Assessment’ to get a comprehensive overview of enterprise-grade conversational AI solution providers that lead the market with their technologies.

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