Verint Voice of the Customer Solutions Help Saint Louis University Make More Meaningful Connections with Students and Staff

Second-oldest Jesuit university in the United States uses feedback to help improve and optimize website usability, other university programs, and overall community engagement.

The results

  • Stays abreast of and addresses issues across its 9,000 pages of website content.

  • Surfaces issues beyond the website to help improve programs and processes across the university.

  • Improves overall engagement with the community.

About Saint Louis University (SLU)

Saint Louis University (SLU) is a private Jesuit research university with campuses in St. Louis, Missouri, and Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1818, it is the oldest university west of the Mississippi River and the second-oldest Jesuit university in the United States.



The higher education sector is highly competitive, where institutions compete for brand visibility and the hearts and minds of students, faculty, donors, and the community. An institution’s website is a crucial digital asset, as well as a key marketing and recruitment tool.

“The journey to evaluate and select a university starts early, so a prospective student and their parents can spend two to three years on your website,” says Laura Geiser, Assistant Vice President, Brand Management, at Saint Louis University. “At various points in that journey, they may need access to different things.”

SLU’s website is comprised of 9,000 pages of content, with a wide variety of authors and constituents. The website is visited by approximately one million users annually. Its scale and scope necessitated a framework for governance and continuous improvement.

The decision to bring in new technology to collect feedback across both students and prospective students to help enhance SLU’s digital presence was made in conjunction with a website redesign, Geiser explains. “We needed access to the voice of the consumer beyond the user studies we were able to commission and because, obviously, that’s not an activity you can do every day.”

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The solution

Today, the SLU team is empowered by Verint Voice of the Customer solutions, including Verint Survey Management and Verint Predictive Modeling. Together, the solutions enable the organization to capture, analyze, and act on feedback from prospective students, current students, and families in a closed-loop process across the entire university.

Part of Verint Platform and deployed in the cloud, the best-of-breed Verint solutions enable SLU to take tactical, operational, and strategic actions that improve loyalty, conversion, and other important key performance indicators. SLU can extract valuable insights to drive smarter and faster user journeys, break down silos across divisions and channels, automate processes to free up limited resources, and share insights with the right teams at the right time.

Unlike point solutions that offer a fragmented view of what’s happening, Verint Predictive Modeling can automatically capture and measure feedback across touchpoints, interactions, and formats, consolidating feedback data in a single place. A set of easy-to-use tools enables authorized users across the organization to quickly check performance, drill down, or run reports to share.

The solution’s patented Priority Index calculates experience scores for all touchpoints, then ranks them by lowest score and highest impact. This quick, intuitive visualization can be especially helpful for detecting sudden changes in customer experience performance and knowing where to focus first.

The benefits

“We love how flexible the Verint survey platform is,” notes Geiser. “It allows us to easily customize surveys. The sophisticated ability to branch surveys enables us to personalize the engagement. In the event of a good or bad experience, we can funnel visitors into different survey options.”

SLU found it surprising how website visitors use feedback mechanisms to provide insights beyond website usability – surfacing issues and comments on other programs and ways the university engages in the community. For example, one comment indicated confusion about a billing process that SLU was able to quickly resolve.

The support from Verint has been “amazing,” says Geiser. “Verint analysts are like an extension of our team. Their guidance and expertise are both reassuring and keep us proactive in evaluating feedback. We’ve gotten so much help in structuring our surveys and making changes. We’ve also experienced very efficient ticket handling so that the changes happen almost instantaneously.”

SLU provides regular reports to its leadership as consumer feedback is crucial to satisfaction scores—a key metric. “The objective measurement provided by Verint Voice of the Customer solutions has been so valuable,” Geiser concludes. “Short of running focus groups every week, we wouldn’t be able to get this type of feedback. It’s tremendously helpful to ensure we are making a meaningful connection on an ongoing basis.”

Featured Verint solutions

  • Verint Voice of the Customer solutions

    Listen everywhere, analyze deeper, and act immediately with Verint Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions – to increase customer loyalty and business performance.
  • Survey Management

    Find deeper and more meaningful insights with proactive, in-the-moment engagement.
  • Predictive Modeling

    Predictive Modeling can enable you to connect drivers of customer and employee satisfaction at individual touchpoints in the customer journey with measurable business outcomes, such as likelihood to purchase, recommend, return, and more.

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