Tui Drives Sales by Improving Customer Experience with Vacation Consultation Appointments

Tui, the world’s largest travel and tourism company, leverages Verint Retail Choreography solutions to reduce in-store wait times, improve store associate productivity, and increase sales.

The results

  • 57%

    wait time reduction

  • 65%

    fewer customer walkouts

  • 48%

    increase in conversion rate for customers with appointments

About Tui

Tui, the largest leisure, travel agency, and tourism company in the world, operates 600 stores across the UK and offers vacation holidays across the globe. The leisure sector has grown significantly over the past two to three years, swelling Tui’s customer base. As a result, the travel agency has struggled to provide every in-store customer with exceptional customer service.

Walk-in customers often had to wait in physical queues during peak periods, which diminished their experience. The tour operator’s store teams tried to solve this by tracking customers waiting in line with a clipboard and pen. While the teams might have been able to tell the customer their number in the queue, they were not able to provide them with estimated wait times.

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Create a more informed waiting experience with Verint Queue Management

Tui deployed Verint Queue Management* to better manage the customer experience and store operations. The travel agency selected Verint due to its flexible, easy-to-deploy, out-of-the-box software, as well as the company’s passion for improving customer experience. Using the best-of-breed Verint solution, the travel agency can now provide a calm waiting experience, with real-time notifications for customers as to expected wait time and position in the queue. The solution also helped improve the productivity of store associates. Verint Queue Management gave Tui the opportunity to significantly improve the waiting experience, reduce wait times, and reduce walkouts.

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Verint Appointment Booking seamlessly books appointments from any channel

As vacation holidays are a high-cost purchase, customers often need to compare and weigh options before purchasing. Tui realized that its tour operators had no way of allowing customers to return to see their advisor at an agreeable time. With Verint Appointment Booking*, if customers are unable to complete their vacation purchase during their initial visit, store associates can seamlessly book them an appointment to return to the store when they make their decision, at a day and time that is convenient for the customer.

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Reduce wait times with Verint Queue Management

With Verint Queue Management, the travel agency reduced wait times by 57 percent. In addition, the waiting experience also significantly improved, which reduced walkouts by an impressive 65 percent. Tui was able to increase the number of customers who stayed in its stores, enabling store associates to convert them to a vacation holiday booking, ultimately increasing sales.

Verint Appointment Booking also helped Tui increase vacation bookings by five percent, with a 48 percent higher conversion rate for booked appointments than walk-ins alone. The premium customer experience encourages customers to return to the store and tell their friends about their positive experience, highly improving loyalty and word of mouth.

Overall, Verint Appointment Booking and Verint Queue Management contributed to improved efficiency and resource allocation. The solutions free up the store team’s time to use on more important tasks. Plus, store associate performance and footfall insights enable the business to improve their team productivity and resource planning, so they always have the right people in the right place at the right time. In addition, the Verint solutions give the travel agency fresh insights on customer activity and intention, which is helping to drive marketing decisions.

The fact that it’s easy to get started with Verint was a valuable bonus for the Tui team. Store associates were able to start using the Verint solutions in only a few minutes. “[Verint solutions are] so intuitive, we just picked them up and started using them,” says a store associate. Another store associate comments, “So easy to use, very simple and incredibly valuable to us. We are a lot more organized now. If we didn’t have it, I don’t know what we’d do. We need it!”


* The solutions referred to as Verint Appointment Booking and Verint Queue Management were called Qudini Appointment Booking and Qudini Walk-in Virtual Queuing when originally purchased, prior to acquisition by Verint.

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