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Forging excellence in commercial and public safety contact center and Workforce Management

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About Sound Communications

Founded in 1983, Sound Communications is a leading integrator of call and video recording solutions to enhance call center systems for commercial business and public safety mission-critical entities. In addition, Sound Communications’ security division develops and installs integrated surveillance solutions that record video, voice, and data in hundreds of facilities throughout the world. The Sound Communications team includes experienced account managers, certified technical specialists, and a skilled project management and professional services team who are all committed to customer success.

Building on its core of voice and data recording solutions, Sound Communications adds advanced applications such as quality management, speech analytics, and workforce management (WFM) through its partnership with Verint®. Today, Sound Communications is a Verint-certified master distributor and services partner for the Verint Recording for Public Safety™ solution and has been repeatedly named a Verint Partner of the Year.

Decades of serving both the public safety and commercial business sectors — two very distinct business models for communication — have given Sound Communications a unique mix of expertise to support both traditional and nontraditional contact center implementations.

Better together: Sound Communications and Verint

The Sound Communications and Verint collaboration brings together innovative technology, expertise, and an uncompromising commitment to building customer value.

Through diligence and a hands-on approach to customer experience strategy, Sound Communications has honed its skills and certifications to become a one-stop vendor and partner to support the entire lifecycle of its customers, from the initial sale and implementation to post-support, professional services, training, and beyond.

Sound Communications brings additional value by providing 24/7 personalized customer service and local technician support as needed to handle support issues, which is especially important to its time-sensitive public safety customers

“Verint recognizes that customers are investing in both the product and the relationship,” says Darin Cooper, president and chief technology officer, Sound Communications. “Our approach to providing a localized and personalized customer service experience gives Verint the confidence in Sound Communications to be their ‘feet on the street’ while our customers benefit from an always-available resource to solve issues quickly and effectively,” says Cooper.

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Providing enlightening customer engagement support for an American electric power and natural gas holding company

One joint customer achieving success with Sound Communications and Verint is an American electric power and natural gas holding company, a long-standing customer that has grown to become one of the largest energy companies in the United States.

This American electric power and natural gas holding company is a progressive company that is using all facets of the Verint platform and products for customer contact center efficiencies and workforce optimization. The relationship started with a simple transmission radio recording project, and today supports every department inside the organization, including the design and implementation of a custom solution for its financial trading floor where the company buys, sells, and trades energy. This highly regulated operation is legally required to record, archive, retrieve, and monitor interactions to meet financial trading compliance and liability requirements.

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Why Sound Communications partners with Verint

“Our partnership with Verint has been a great, long-standing relationship that is built on reciprocal trust,” says Cooper. “It’s very rewarding to provide customers with a product that you stand behind and a partner that stands behind its product. Verint has done an excellent job at personalizing the partner experience to drive loyalty and success.”

“Our success is measured by our customers’ ability to achieve success using our products and services,” adds Cooper. “Product innovations from Verint enable unique opportunities for us to remain engaged with our customers to create new solutions to support their business growth while also growing our business.”