Verint Quality Management Professional

Improve customer experience, boost productivity and unlock additional sales opportunities

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Verint Quality Management Professional is a fully integrated cloud solution that can help you improve the quality of interactions between your customers and employees.

In quality control (QC) managers or coaches can listen to the calls that matter to accurately identify and address gaps in knowledge, proficiency, adherence to process, customer empathy, and more.

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The benefits of Verint Quality Management Professional

This practical solution can help you increase productivity and employee engagement in your contact center or help desk by comparing interaction data with customer satisfaction to build accountability within your organization.

It can help you reduce the time, inherent human error, and arduous work processes associated with using spreadsheets to manage quality. Quality Management benefits for the contact center include:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Improving productivity by identifying performance gaps
  • Meeting organizational, legal and compliance requirements
  • Unlocking additional sales opportunities
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Flexible features to create quality interactions

  • Live Monitoring: Use call center monitoring software to monitor the status of your workforce and gain insights into agent performance and customers in real-time.
  • Flexible Form Maker: Create evaluation criteria that best fits your organization’s needs and develop evaluations with multiple question types, complex branching and section weighting.
  • Unique Tagging: Monitor the status of your workforce and gain insights into agent performance and customers in real-time.
  • Voice and Screen Recording: Voice and screen capture with playback and call scoring software to evaluate the quality of your interactions with more accuracy.
  • Unified Platform: Core component of the Verint Workforce Engagement Professional platform. Manage your agents through a single employee profile list.
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