Leading Full-Service Bank Invests in Innovating the Customer Experience

Verint Voice of the Customer solutions enable the bank to surface, quickly understand, and act on customer data in real-time to move the CX needle in the right direction.

The results

  • Transformed unstructured feedback system into structured data for analysis

  • Built innovative predictive modeling capabilities at the heart of new center of excellence

  • Developed six key measures of CX, enabling proper tracking of experience changes over time

About the Leading Full-Service Bank

A full-service bank and one of the largest residential mortgage servicers in the United States, this organization proudly focuses on delivering distinctive, personal service to its clients, both online and across its 150 branches around the country. To deliver on its mission, the bank knew it needed to keep pace and lead the market with groundbreaking customer experience (CX).


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The opportunity

The organization had taken the critical step of building out and evolving its CX program, with the goal of finding common denominators that would move the needle for the benefit of customers and the business. As part of this effort, the bank needed to find better ways to listen, understand, and act on customer feedback. And it had to do this all the while facing a lack of buy-in from internal stakeholders.

Its framework for this project – begin (get started), grow (quickly action through quick wins), learn (identify which factors most influence CX), and evolve (centralize the strategy) – was top notch. Still, the bank needed a partner to help it quickly measure performance, provide expert guidance, and be an ally in communicating with stakeholders. Enter Verint.


Verint understood right away that the banking leader had to tackle both technological and organizational challenges if it wanted to find success. In the past, the bank had struggled with stakeholder buy-in. With siloed data and functional areas, it was common for one part of the organization to be critical or unreceptive to customer feedback outside of its business unit. To help address this, Verint followed the organization’s lead by beginning with simple projects. The goal was to understand how each part of the business impacted CX.

From there, Verint and the bank partnered to grow not only listening efforts, but also the penetration of customer data into different business units. Verint Web and Mobile Experience Management made it easy for the bank to structure its data reporting even when the amount of data, touchpoints, and queries grew unexpectedly. It now uses Verint dashboards and reporting tools to present CX data in every business meeting, providing customers with a real voice in decisions made across enterprise.

Verint Voice of the Customer solutions enable the bank to collect survey data from customers at many points in the customer journey, from the call center to branch visits to online. As a result, the bank can effectively measure CX in its digital contact center, as well as across other authenticated and unauthenticated experiences. It then uses these measurements and the Verint solution’s unique predictive analytics to test any changes to the customer journey before going live. 

The full-service banking leader also needed ways to make data more useful to front-line employees and leaders. As the CX project progressed, the bank recognized that the employee experience and surfacing customer data at the employee level was necessary to truly move the CX needle in the right direction. With Verint Voice of the Customer solutions, the organization can make data available in real-time, enabling employees to quickly understand and act on the data to improve CX.

Beyond using the Verint Voice of the Customer solutions, the bank is also an active user of Verint’s professional services, which it leverages to help it design the best possible experiences.

The benefits

The bank now has greater insight into CX across its entire business. This includes six discrete measures of the customer journey. Three of the measurements, CSAT, NPS, and effort score, represent enterprise level indicators for the health of CX at the bank.

Even as the organization continues to gather data and move the needle on CX, better reporting and data visualization has helped spur on change. With the bank’s CEO demanding that CX data be front and center of business decisions to align with the company’s mission, the new ability to communicate customer engagement data has been crucial. By sharing this data and resulting improvements regularly, executive and line leaders alike came to better understand the importance of the CX investments being made.

At the heart of its efforts, the bank’s passion for CX shone through. By tackling its organizational and technical silos head on and bringing customer data into focus, it has continued to make customers the focus of its business. For example, the bank moved from reactive measurement of CX to proactive management with Verint Web and Mobile Experience Management. This has not only enabled the bank to create more cohesion across M&A activities, but also act rapidly to help its customers navigate market changes.

As the organization continues to build its center of excellence group, Verint will continue to be a trusted CX advisor to the bank.

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