What is Screen Capturing or Screen Recording for Call Centers

Customer Engagement Team December 17, 2021

What is screen capturing or screen recording, and why is it important for call center quality management? While call recording allows for the audio playback of customer conversations, a valuable tool in coaching, training and liability protection, screen capturing adds a record of synchronized full-video screen capture. Why is this important? Here are five benefits of screen capturing:

  1. Monitor Email and ChatSince call centers have become contact centers, and customers now communicate via email and online chat as well as through phone calls, screen capturing allows managers and agents to review usage and agent performance in these channels.
  2. After Call ReviewsScreen capture provides a record of what happens after a phone conversation ends. How efficiently does the agent enter information from that call? How long before that agent answers another call? Efficiency can be improved through monitoring of work habits.
  3. Improve Training MaterialsThe use of screen recording allows new hires to watch great agents in action, as well as listen to their customer interactions via call recordings. Adding a visual component can expedite the training process.
  4. Monitor At-Home AgentsTechnology now allows some call center agents to telecommute. Since managers cannot monitor an agent’s activities with this arrangement, screen capture creates a record of their activities. This is also helpful for contact centers with more than one location.
  5. Using the System CorrectlyCall centers have incorporated a range of workforce management and quality assurance tools to make sure customers are getting the best possible service, and agents are performing their tasks in an approved manner. Screen recording encourages the optimal use of the tools furnished for each agent.