Articulating ROI Value of WFM to Non-Contact Center Users

The non-customer facing, operational areas of a company known as the back-office, has a direct impact on operational costs and customer experience. Traditional back-offices mainly focused on cost containment, while modern back-offices look to balance costs with customer experience.

If you have been asked to expand beyond the contact center, you may face a challenge many of your peers do. Business stakeholders in the back-office need help to understand the financial value of signing up for workforce management (WFM) solutions before they are willing to invest in WFM, preventing you from achieving your goal.

In this session, learn how to articulate the value of WFM and what points to steer clear from to persuade stakeholders to embrace and sign-up for WFM in the back office.


Nicole Nevulis
Sr. Director, Go-to-Market Strategy, WFM for Back-Office

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