Verint Speakers in April: Driving Better CX and Loyalty Through Customer Data

Susanne Pitts April 3, 2023

Insights! Data! Action! The Magic Behind Full-Organization CX Success

April 4; CrmXchange Webinar featuring Ventana and Verint

Join Keith Dawson, VP and Research Director, Ventana, and Verint’s Karyn Furstman, VP, Experience Management, at 2 p.m. ET. Are you leveraging Voice of the Customer programs across the enterprise to move insights into action? The future of customer engagement requires organizations to prioritize customer experience at scale. It begins with listening to your customers, harnessing insights, and leveraging the right technology to act on that feedback. Companies that aim to deliver exceptional CX should consider shifting from passive surveys and follow-up to proactively responding to customers, automating action, and, in turn, measuring revenue impact.

Don’t fall behind on the technology curve. Join this webinar as we share the latest CX technology research and best practices for connecting silos to deliver a superior CX.

Data Driven Customer Engagement for Elevated CX

April 12; Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2023 – Chicago 

Join Verint’s David Singer, VP, Go-to-Market Strategy, at 12:50 p.m. ET. He’ll explore the insights you need today:

  • Customer expectations are rising exponentially—unlock engagement capabilities and see your retention rates climb.
  • You can’t hire your way to better CX. Ensure your teams are equipped with the knowledge and tools to improve CX across all interactions.
  • CX Automation requires data and AI—harness reliable, relevant data. Power your AI to help you achieve seamless automation. 

Developing A Channel Strategy to Target the Enterprise Market

April 19-20; Channel Focus Virtual panel discussion

Channel Focus is the world’s largest and most successful community dedicated to channel professionals within the major vendors in the IT and telecom industries. Join Verint’s John Bourne, SVP, Global Channels and Alliances, at 11:15 a.m. PT on April 20 for this lively panel as they equip channel professionals with what they need to develop an effective channel strategy for today’s complex enterprise market.

Verint Marketplace Technology Partner Showcase

April 19-20; Webinar

Join Verint’s Matt Pyke, Senior Director, Strategic Partner Business Development, and Todd Snow, Director, Global Platform Extension Program, for this event. Find out more about Verint’s partners as part of this two-day showcase.

April 19: Intelligent Voice, Group Elite, Connex, Bright Pattern, Zoom, and Servion

April 20: Syndeo, Intradiem, Talkdesk, SPAR Solutions, 4 Roads

Discover the power of our Partner Network! Over two jam-packed days, our featured partner presenters will walk you through demos of their offerings, relevant use cases, and the business benefits of their integrations designed to elevate your existing Verint solutions and resulting customer experiences.

Extend the value of your Verint products, scale for continued success, and enjoy easy access to new capabilities whether you’re on-prem or in the cloud. Join us as we explore the latest partner innovations available through the Verint Marketplace and discover how these Verint platform extensions can help maximize efficiency, improve customer experience, increase ROI, and more. Register now to see the full lineup of dynamic sessions.

Energize Claims Operations with Streamlined Automation and AI

April 25; Reuters Webinar, Sponsored by Verint 

Join Verint’s Nicole Nevulis, Senior Director, Go-To-Market Strategy, at 11 a.m. ET. Get ready to learn how to revolutionize the way insurance companies process claims. By automating a manual process, such as data entry and document processing, claims handlers can focus on high-value tasks that require human judgement—while also reducing the potential for errors.

Join the discussion and submit questions to our panel of experts to determine how incorporating automation and AI can provide numerous benefits for carriers and policyholders. During this one-hour session with use-case examples and Q&A integrated throughout, our senior claims experts will discuss the following:

  • Strengthening claims processing with data-driven tools that improve operational agility, increase profitability and reduce claims leakage
  • Using Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing and Workforce Management to accelerate processes, elevate experiences, and keep customers informed and engaged throughout the claims life cycle
  • Getting the balance of automation and people power to work seamlessly to amplify employee productivity and drive a culture of innovation. 

Achieve Next-Level CX with Real-Time Customer Analytics 

April 26; Roundtable Presentation (webinar)

Join Verint’s Daniel Ziv, VP, Speech and Text Analytics, at 2 p.m. ET. Real-time Coaching has shown great impact on improving customer experiences, increasing revenue, compliance and operational efficiency, as well as reducing agent attrition. Best of all, it strengthens key metrics such as customer retention and loyalty. If you’re interested in learning more about the outsized value of implementing a real-time coaching strategy across your organization, join our panel of experts as they discuss how to harness the power of this remarkable tool.

Are You Confident You Can Deliver a Great CX in 2023?

April 27; Verint-hosted webinar 

Join Colin Shaw, Founder and CEO, Beyond Philosophy LLC, and Verint’s Heather Richards, VP, Product Strategy, Go to Market, at 11 a.m. ET. In Verint’s most recent Engagement Capacity Gap Research, organizations were divided in their confidence levels on how well they can engage their customers effectively in 2023. As we enter uncertain economic times, what choices allow some business leaders to still feel confident in their ability to deliver great CX? How well are you positioned for the coming economic challenges?

Join us as Colin digs into the behavioral science analysis required to succeed in 2023: 

  • Where leading organizations choose to invest when budgets are tightened
  • What customer behavioral data you should be collecting and analyzing
  • How automation, AI, and digital-first engagement can help close the Engagement Capacity Gap.

Don’t miss this engaging conversation loaded with insights to help you redefine your CX strategy.