Verint IVR Answers a Record Number of Calls in 2022

Bridget Lange January 23, 2023

Once again, Verint broke its own record for the total number of calls handled through its next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution in 2022.

In the past year, enterprise contact centers used Verint IVR to answer nearly 1.7 billion customer calls, an increase over even the past two years, which were influenced by pandemic-related disruptions that boosted call volumes globally.

This increase in the use of Verint IVR reflects the sophistication of the solution, which is equipped with AI-based technology to provide quick and actionable resolutions in the voice channel.

Verint IVR is used by contact centers to assist with everything from health insurance needs and retail support to helping customers manage their financial accounts.  It provides a conversational IVR experience that can be personalized to improve CX and reduce time to resolution.

In addition to the number of calls handled, Verint IVR also provides its users with a remarkable level of reliability. Verint IVR has delivered an average 99.995 percent uptime over the past three years, meaning it was operational and able to help callers virtually around the clock.

This uptime statistic is consistent with its dependability over the years, as Verint IVR hasn’t experienced an extended outage in more than a decade.

This record number of calls also points to the fact that although customers are using digital channels more than ever, there’s still a vital need to provide a voice option—and that means organizations need to keep their phone lines open.

A conversational IVR system remains a necessary—and effective—element of a truly optimized customer engagement strategy in nearly every industry, as it cuts contact center costs while also remaining consistent with the organization’s brand identity.

Again, during the pandemic’s early days, disruptions to daily life meant people needed to, for example, make changes to their accounts, travel reservations, and receive information from the companies and organizations they trust. So, it made sense that call volumes were higher.

But the thing is, we’re continuing to see users reach out via phone, as reflected in this increase of calls handled by our IVR in 2022.

This continued use of the phone channel is consistent with Verint’s research. In our report, “The 2022 State of Digital Customer Experience Report,” we found that 51 percent of those surveyed said that they prefer to contact a company or ask a question over the phone. For those 45 to 75 years old, that number was even higher, with 59 percent saying they’d first opt for the phone channel.

That same report also showed that while customers still engage with companies over the phone, their expectations for quick resolutions and reliable information have actually risen—regardless of what channel they’re reaching out on.

Survey respondents said the most frustrating customer service experience is when they’re forced to make multiple attempts to get the information or resolution they need. The second most frustrating experience was waiting on hold for extended periods of time.

A modern and sophisticated voice solution such as Verint IVR solves for both of these issues by quickly allowing customers to self-serve rather than leaving them on hold.

As we head further into 2023, our experts expect to see the continued effectiveness of IVR technology—even as new and different engagement channels make their way onto the customer service landscape.

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