Verint Earns Exemplary Nod in the Ventana Research CX Management Value Index

Philip Enders Arden February 7, 2023

In Ventana Research’s recent Customer Experience Management Value Index: 2023 Vendor and Product Assessment, they examined solutions across five core areas of functionality. The capabilities they examined were interaction handling, resource management, automation facilitation, providing insights, and customer journey management.

Recognizing that extremely different organizations from spaces as distinct as martech and contact center solutions play in the arena of customer experience management, Ventana Research wanted to create a way to understand how these offerings compared, stating that they expected “suites from across the landscape to converge on these five areas,” whether through acquisition, internal R&D, or partnerships.

Ventana Research evaluated vendors across Product Experience and Customer Experience, allowing them to place solutions into four categories:

  • Exemplary: The categorization and placement of vendors in Exemplary (upper right), such as Verint, represent those that performed the best in meeting the overall Product and Customer Experience requirements.
  • Innovative: The categorization and placement of vendors in Innovative (lower right) represent those that performed the best in meeting the overall Product Experience requirements but fell short of achieving the highest levels of requirements in Customer Experience.
  • Assurance: The categorization and placement of vendors in Assurance (upper left) represent those that performed the best in meeting the overall Customer Experience requirements but fell short of achieving the highest levels of Product Experience.
  • Merit: The categorization for vendors in Merit (lower left) represents those that did not exceed the median of performance in Customer or Product Experience or surpass the threshold for the other three categories.

We here at Verint are thrilled to have been placed in the “Exemplary” category, validating our continual investments and improvements in customer experience management. Let’s take a closer look at how Verint earned this coveted spot.

An Adaptable CX Management Platform

Every business has different customer experience management concerns and challenges, not to mention a distinct technology stack, culture, and existing methodologies. That is one reason why it’s critical that vendor solutions can be tailored to the needs of any given business.

According to Ventana Research’s CX Management Value Index, “the lower half [of the adaptability category] also tended to provide less detailed or more generic information,” on how their solutions work with a customer’s needs. Meanwhile, the top performers can integrate with a wide range of systems and make it easy for their customers to do so. Verint’s high configurability, numerous integrations and powerful customization options led to our 1st place position in this category.

Manageability for Security, Compliance and Administration

When it comes to security and compliance, industry plays an impact. Because some vendors have a wider array of clients in healthcare, financial services, or government they naturally have built greater security and privacy features into their software. Ventana Research highlights auditability, security effectiveness and provisioning flexibility as critical components in the manageability category.

According to Ventana Research, high performers tend to develop capabilities and messaging, “aimed at satisfying the rigorous needs of IT professionals.” From Verint’s perspective this can be a boon for onboarding clients as well, given that satisfying IT requirements leaves more time for doing the good work of improving customer experience. That’s just one reason Verint earned a nod as a Value Index leader in the manageability category.

Product Usability for the Broader Organization

When companies buy software, the power of the product is only one aspect to consider. If employees across the organization can’t use the software in their day-to-day work, there is an effective cap on how useful the software really is. By making software that’s accessible and useable across the organization, vendors can maximize the value of their offerings.

Ventana Research shares that several factors contribute to a solution’s overall usability, including, “user experience, intelligence and accessibility, as well as the support they provide for teams with diverse competencies.” Accessibility features, for example, can make the product usable to more people with relatively little added development effort.

Verint’s efforts earned us Ventana Research’s acknowledgement as a Value Index leader in the usability category.

An Overall Value Index Leader

The Customer Experience Management Value Index report is designed to bring clarity to a difficult topic by providing “a baseline of knowledge that organizations can use to evaluate vendors and products related to customer experience management.” They also make clear that these scores are meant to be objective measures of prowess in specific areas and not a subjective recommendation for which solution is best for your business.

Verint was thrilled to participate and receive such high marks in the Ventana Research Value Index because it underlines that our efforts to build a powerful, flexible, highly secure and accessible platform are paying off.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Verint can help you solve some of your toughest customer experience challenges, check out the resources below to get started: