Verint Community Drives Success: Three Case Studies

Mike Bookey January 17, 2023

More and more companies understand that support communities can play a key role in their self-service and customer success strategies. Many customers view the online support community as the most powerful, convenient, and responsive place to turn to when they have a question, concern, or need about a company’s product or service.

The problem, however, is that organizations often don’t fully recognize the full value, capability, and potential of their online community. That’s why at Verint, we realize that a community needs to be customizable so that it not only fits the look and feel of the brand but also reflects the organization’s values and business goals.

Verint Community is designed to meet your specific business goals, and we’ve had years of experience building customized communities across a myriad of use cases and industries. Verint Community’s capabilities range from delivering instant information for customer service to building brand loyalty to making life easier for employees.

Here are some of the different ways Verint Community meets the diverse needs of our customers and employees, as well as some success stories from our customers.

Instant Customer Support

One of the most useful and popular elements of an online community is delivering immediate, instant, and around-the-clock customer support – whether that’s through forums, FAQs, articles, or other avenues of information. We’ve seen firsthand how organizations have used their community to deliver a better customer experience, and higher CSAT scores, increase call deflection and save on contact center costs—all while placing the information their customers need in one centralized place.

To see this in action, look no further than Verint Community user Sage. Leading companies around the globe trust Sage to deliver software solutions for everything they need to manage accounting and financials, operations, people, payroll, and payments. In North America, Sage offers 22 different solutions for customers, and with such an expansive portfolio, meeting customer expectations and providing agile customer support is a major priority.

That’s why they chose Verint Community to create their customer-facing community, which they named Sage City. After launching this platform, they reduced licensing and maintenance costs by consolidating on a single community platform, increased customer engagement to more than 20,000 visits each weekday and grew return visitors to account for two-thirds of total traffic.

Here’s a case study detailing the success of Sage City.

Elevating the Voice of the Customer 

One of the most rewarding results of launching an online community is that it allows for the brand to see the people who use their products or services turn from customers to devoted fans. By bringing together likeminded customers, a brand can use their community to build the sort of loyalty that drives real results – especially when prospective customers see the energy and excitement happening on the community forums.

This is how Olympus Cameras used their Verint Community to create MyOlympus, which has driven an array of positive results across Europe. They’ve evolved their services to meet changing customer needs while also growing their platform. Currently, they’re engaging with more than 400,000 European users for more than half a million monthly page views. 

Here’s a case study that shows how MyOlympus has delivered real results with Verint Community.                                       

Enhancing Team Productivity

An online community isn’t solely a customer engagement tool. At Verint, we’re seeing more and more organizations using their community to build relationships, give workers the tools they need to do their jobs, and create a virtual watercooler and collaborative space at a time when more people are working remote.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the professional body for HR and people development with more than 145,000 members across the world. CIPD provides thought leadership through independent research on the world of work and offers professional training and accreditation for those working in HR and Learning & Development (L&D).

For more than 18 years, CIPD has been using Verint Community to connect members and employees. They’re currently seeing more than 200,000 users stop by their community at some point during the year, including a significant increase in mobile users in recent years.

Learn more about CPID’s experience with Verint Community here.