The Harel Group Improves Customer Satisfaction and Reduces Churn with Verint Workforce Engagement Technology

Rob Lamoureux April 11, 2022

As Israel’s largest insurance and finance group, Harel Group has 1,500 agents spread across multiple locations. Until recently, Harel Group relied on a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to gather business intelligence and insights. However, with a growing business and customer base, it became clear that richer insights were needed to tackle critical business challenges including call efficiency, customer satisfaction and churn.

The company also wanted to better understand why its customers were calling, what their pain points were, and what could be done to improve CX and drive digital transformation and efficient self-service. While the company knew that customer calls contained valuable insights, the sheer volume of calls and subsequent insights meant the CX team needed a more robust system that would be sophisticated enough to deliver real-time analysis with speed, depth and clarity.

The company chose Verint Speech Analytics, Enterprise Recording and Quality Management as the solution. Tami Grossman, Vice President of Customer Service at Harel Group, said “The Verint solution is extremely user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.”

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