Smaart Recruitment Annual Contact Centre Best Practice report

Verint Team December 9, 2020

For the last couple of years, Smaart Recruitment have released their Annual Contact Centre Best Practice report and this year Verint had been invited to add commentary to the technology section.

The report has been collated from over 200 different data points with responses received from 165 separate organisations, giving unique insights into the operational effectiveness of Australian Contact Centres.

The full report takes a deep dive into the areas that contact centre leaders believe are the most important including Employee engagement, Absenteeism, Customer Experience and Technology.

Below is a brief highlight from the Verint contribution to the technology section:

The order and priority of technology investment choices from respondents of Speech Analytics, Webchat and Chatbots was of no real surprise in the current climate.

For many years speech analytics has been a valuable tool to help drive contact centre and business efficiencies whilst highlighting or uncovering customer intent data that may not have been initially apparent.

It is quite surprising that a reasonable percentage of contact centres have no plans to implement SMS, web chat, mobile apps and social media as a customer channel. When striving to be a customer-focused organisation and assessing appropriate communication tools it’s important customers can interact in their “channel of choice” and not forced down a specific path.

The full report also captures the responses of Australian Contact Centres to the pandemic and offers an understanding into how effectively they have been able to adapt and what learnings there have been.

To download a copy of the full report please visit The Contact Centre Best Practice Report 2020/21 | · SMAART Recruitment

You will also find a link to watch the full webinar covering the report in its entirety at the same URL.