Quickly Deploy a Sophisticated Conversational AI Solution with Verint IVA

Tapan Patel April 19, 2023

For some time, organizations were faced with a dilemma when it came to bringing conversational AI into their operations.

They could either roll out a basic chatbot that could be quickly deployed but was limited to frequent question-and-answer functions and wasn’t prepared to grow with the company, or they could dive in headfirst into a lengthy and costly process of standing up a siloed intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) that might require extensive programming, IT engagement, and design work.

Now, organizations can embrace a next-generation IVA that can be both quickly, efficiently deployed and immediately start delivering ROI through excellent self-service CX experiences and effective contact center operations.

The new capabilities recently added to Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant have made it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds. Verint IVA allows an organization to scale the hybrid workforce of humans and bots for their digital or voice channels, enabling rapid deployment to maximize ROI.

Verint IVA includes IVA Studio – a low-code, collaborative conversational AI design environment featuring a drag-and-drop, intuitive, visualized user interface that enables large enterprises and SMBs to quickly design, launch, and fine-tune their bots in-house—on their own terms.

With IVA Studio, you can:

  • Provide users with consistent, personalized, and AI-powered conversations, through both digital and voice channels.
  • Use pre-built, out-of-the-box natural language understanding (NLU) models specific to your industry so you can quickly identify customer intentions and provide the best responses.
  • Easily connect to a wide variety of business applications, data streams, back-end systems, and channels for faster time-to-market.
  • Gain insights into customer interactions to proactively identify new, unknown, or unmet customer expectations.

As business and consumer needs evolve, new intents and languages can be added and measured in real-time across endpoints to derive insights, so organizations can pivot and improve the customer experience. This tuning process allows for transparency and control into the creation and improvement of tailored language models for an enterprise, its brand, and its customers.

When it comes to delivering real, measurable results, Verint IVA is a proven and time-tested solution. Here’s what our customers have accomplished:

  • An insurance company enrolled more than 750,000 members without any human assistance
  • A hospitality giant doubled its automated reservations in the year after deployment
  • A travel provider handled 5 million interactions and increased bookings by 32% in one year.

Have more questions about Verint IVA? Here’s a brochure with everything you need to know.

We’d also like to invite you to see Verint IVA in action at our upcoming webinar on May 11.