How an Open CCaaS Strategy Saves You Money

Mike Bookey October 31, 2023

If you need to save money in your contact center, you’re not alone.

With customers now reaching out to your organization through different channels—and with higher customer expectations than we’ve ever seen—contact center operations are facing no shortage of challenges.

You need to rise to the occasion, but you, of course, don’t have unlimited budget to make that happen.

How does your modern contact center find savings without sacrificing excellent customer— and agent—experiences?

Hiring more and more agents is too costly. And at the same time, you can’t remove any channels or services that customers have come to expect. Do that, and you’ll lose loyal customers.

But you can embrace an Open Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. This means taking a hard look at your operations and putting the best tools in the best places to get the best results—and realizing savings and ROI along the way.

At Verint, our Open CCaaS platform is the foundation from which you can customize your contact center operations not just now, but also as your organization grows and evolves.

Open CCaaS means that you can find savings and drive growth by:

  • Putting best-of-breed technology—including AI—to work where you need it
  • Keeping the technology that’s working for you
  • Benefiting from an open ecosystem as you scale and adapt your organization.

Embrace Best-of-Breed Solutions that Save Money

Just because you’re trying to save money in the contact center doesn’t mean that you should settle for subpar solutions.

At Verint, our Da Vinci AI and Analytics solutions embrace this openness by spanning across all contact center and CX operations to provide the automation and efficiencies you need to reduce costs. With Verint Open CCaaS, you can continuously train Verint Da Vinci AI models to give you the insights you need to plan for the future of your organization and make the changes you need to save money as you go forward.

The platform is powered by a wide range of bots that solve specific problems and deliver specific outcomes. For example, here’s a look at three Verint bots deployed across separate business workflows:

  • Interaction Wrap Up Bot can save about 30 seconds of after-call work for every call.
  • Compliance Scoring Bot can save 50 percent of the time it takes to evaluate calls for compliance and agent skills
  • Knowledge Suggestion Bot can save 30 seconds of knowledge searches for every call. For one company, that meant $15 million in annual savings.

And when it comes to CX Automation within Verint Open CCaaS platform, here are ways you can save:

  • Containment Bot uses conversational AI to deliver a 50 percent reduction in average handle time for one Verint customer.
  • Self Service and Agent Transfer Bots enable conversational AI interactions across channels and provide contextual information to agents to quickly understand why a customer inquiry was routed to them.
  • Knowledge Creation Bot uses AI to create knowledge articles and put the information agents need right at their fingertips. This allowed a Verint customer to cut contact center workload by 20 percent.

Keep the Things That Work

Historically, “CCaaS” referred to your telephony and ACD solutions. If you committed to that telephony provider, they were often the foundation of your contact center operations.

While the phone will always be an important channel for your customers, customer behaviors have made contact centers adapt to new and different technologies—so that model no longer works.

Even if a CCaaS provider could meet those needs, you’d still be stuck in a closed environment, or trying to find a way to wedge in a new solution that wasn’t always a fit.

At Verint, we realize that you’ve invested significantly in your current systems—so if you like your telephony provider, keep it. We can build around that. The same goes for your CRM, routing, and other applications that are driving value in your contact center.

In other words: If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it.

However, if you need a new telephony hosting and routing service, we have an industry-leading cloud-based managed service ready to go. We aren’t asking you to start from scratch, and that alone is a significant saving.

On the other hand, you’ll find further savings in the newfound flexibility offered by an Open CCaaS platform. You’re no longer limited in what you can add—or what you can replace.

Grow and Scale with the Things That Work for You

The more you know about your contact center operations, the more you can optimize your operations and save money. You need insights into what, when, and where your customers need help—and where you can help your live agents perform better.

When your organization uses an Open CCaaS platform, data can be freely imported, exported, accessed and optimized.

Not only are you breaking down data silos within your organization, you can also use tools such as Verint Engagement Data Insights to generate visual reports that show you how your customers interact with your organization—and how you can improve operations through Verint channels, as well as your other third-party solutions.

When you truly make the most of your data, you gain a deep understanding of your customers, employees, and the bots you’ve deployed.

To discuss how the Verint Open CCaaS platform can help you to deliver exceptional customer experiences, book a demo today.