One Workforce: Enabling your Entire Workforce to Provide Seamless Customer Engagement

Exceeding customer expectations has always been difficult, and it’s not getting any easier. Advances in automation and artificial intelligence have only increased consumer demands for personalized experiences online and offline. Businesses are struggling to stay efficient – in fact, a recent study by ESG found that organizations are more focused on improving operational efficiency than on developing new products and services.* To stay ahead, you need your entire workforce – people and bots – to work effectively as One Workforce™ across all the areas of your business that impact the customer experience.

Hear from AWS and Verint as they discuss the One Workforce concept and AWS Marketplace. Discover how you can consistently deliver high-quality customer experiences that leverage employees and bots across your entire business, from the contact center to branches and locations, the back office, and social channels. Learn how you can exceed customer expectations by:
  • Increasing your capacity, flexibility, and agility by applying the One Workforce approach via cloud-native application deployment and delivery.
  • Rethinking how to use technology to address the Engagement Capacity Gap™ that occurs when customer expectations for service exceed your capability to meet them.
  • Empowering IT teams to support employees and break down customer experience silos with the right tools and resources.
  • Enabling your entire workforce to engage with customers in the right way at the right time.

Watch the on-demand webinar now to hear these key insights from AWS and Verint.

*Source: ESG Complete Survey Results: Distributed Cloud Series: Cloud-native Applications


Kirk Punches

Kirk Punches
WW Leader – AWS Marketplace, Business Applications, AWS


Paul Nashawaty

Paul Nashawaty
Senior Analyst, ESG Global


Nicole Nevulis

Nicole Nevulis
Global Senior Director Go-to-Market Strategy, Verint

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