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Barbara Kosko January 17, 2024

Employees today expect flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance at their workplace. Although just over 10% of full-time employees currently work from home in the US1, 98% would like to work remotely at least some of the time2.

The opportunity to virtually engage candidates for both in-person and remote roles opens up the pool of resources available to fill more roles, such as contact center agents. This, however, puts enormous pressure on recruiters to pick up the pace.

Thanks to remote working, they have a much larger pool of candidates that they need to scan and score. But unfortunately, the tools they have to work with are typically manual, time-consuming, and limited in their assessment capabilities.

On the flip side, candidates across the globe are applying around the clock and expect feedback within hours or days, instead of weeks.

So how do you bridge this gap between candidate expectations and recruiter efficiency?

Imagine you had a smart assistant who helps you spot red flags during interviews and identify high performers who are more likely to stay and excel. The Verint Interviewing Bot does just that, 24/7, without ever getting tired or needing a vacation.

How the Interviewing Bot Works

Meet Beth. Beth is a recruiter at an international retailer where seasonal hiring is a key part of the yearly store operations and contact center strategy.

With peak and low periods, she is constantly looking for new agents and store associates while also assessing the current workforce to find the winning characteristics of their best performers.

Beth remembers that by the end of last year the team was close to burnout, having worked long hours to assess and qualify countless candidates—many of whom were not even qualified. The process just took too long.

Often by the time they selected a good candidate, the person had already accepted another offer.

Not this year. This year Beth’s organization deployed the Verint Interviewing Bot. Beth nicknamed the bot “The Professor” because it can automatically analyze and grade candidate assessments and identify high performers, which helps reduce attrition and hiring costs and increase performance outcomes.

With the Professor by her side automatically analyzing candidate skill sets in minutes instead of hours, Beth has more time to focus on qualified, top-performing candidates.

How can the Professor do that? By using AI, proprietary audio models, and predictive analytics.

The Verint Interviewing Bot automatically assesses candidates through:

  • Audiolytics – Analyses candidates’ engagement levels, energy, and emotional attributes through their audio responses, identifying top candidates.
  • LanguageIQ – Assesses candidates’ language fluency and proficiency, as well as critical thinking and active listening skills.
  • Data Entry – Assesses candidates’ ability to translate audio into form fills and accurately capture information into your system.
  • Domain Knowledge – Assesses candidates’ knowledge of your company’s products, industry, and various requirements for the given role through configurable quizzes.

The Verint Interviewing Bot comes with additional capabilities that can be included based on the roles for which you are hiring, such as:

  • Chat Assessment – Assess candidates’ ability to multitask and maintain accuracy across three simultaneous chat conversations.
  • Typing Test – Evaluate candidates’ typing skills, speed, and accuracy.

Transform the Hiring Process

The Verint Interviewing Bot can dramatically save recruiters’ time and speed up the decision-making process. As the bot is available 24/7, it can engage with candidates from across the globe at a time that is convenient for them.

This way, you can make sure you don’t miss out on the best applicants for your open positions because of time zone differences and lengthy, manual interview processes. This also works for students or passive and employed candidates who might be available, applying late at night for a seasonal retail store position.

The Interviewing Bot can help transform the entire hiring journey, making it easier for candidates to engage, be hired, and onboarded faster than before.

Learn more about how AI bots power Verint’s next-generation open platform.

1 Remote Work Statistics and Trends in 2023, Forbes Advisor

Remote Work Statistics and Trends in 2023, Forbes Advisor