Enable the Workforce with Real-Time Data

Mary Lou Joseph October 25, 2023

As I mentioned in the previous blog on the key themes discussed by customers at our Engage 2023 Customer Engagement conference, one of the three themes was enabling the workforce with real-time data.

Some of the most popular breakout sessions were about the latest in real-time data and insights—not only for the business analysts and managers, but for the rest of the employees, too. Giving employees real-time guidance and insights increases their speed and accuracy—and improves their ability to hit their performance goals while also delivering a better experience for the customer.

Real-time, Contextual Knowledge

In the breakout session, “Knowledge Everywhere: UnitedHealthcare’s Journey to Connected Knowledge,” UHC shared how they can deliver relevant knowledge to the employee desktop in an automated, unobtrusive way, removing the need for the employee to search for related articles and resources.

“With real-time contextual knowledge, employees are seeing, feeling, and most importantly experiencing change that not only saves them time but simplifies the complexities of their jobs.”

Jeremy DeKam, Director of Software Engineering, Optum, Inc., a subsidiary of UHG

Breakout Session: Knowledge Everywhere: UnitedHealthcare’s Journey to Connected Knowledge

Real-time Coaching

The Verint-led session, “Real-Time Technology Is Saving Contact Center Employees and Driving Value,” Trent Isaacs, Sr. Director GTM Strategy, shared how automated real-time coaching can be delivered to the desktop for employees who are struggling with specific metrics. Once the agent meets or surpasses the threshold for that metric, the prompts automatically stop. This delivers targeted coaching only to those employees who need it, reducing disruptions and improving performance without manager intervention.

“Surrounding agents with real-time support is much more than just offering guidance on a single interaction. Using AI to measure both effective guidance and achieved results, tailoring long-term, personalized support of agent skills is more powerful than ever.”

Trent Isaacs, Sr. Director GTM Strategy, Verint

Real-time Schedule Access and Request Management

The session, “Qualfon Uses Verint Mobile to Ensure Nothing Gets Lost in the Chaos,” was very popular as customers are eager to incorporate the WFM mobile application into their ecosystem. Qualfon explained how giving employees access to their schedules in real time on the mobile application gives them the flexibility they are looking for.

“Request management via the mobile app is a great time saver, with easy access to immediately posted changes in schedules and opportunities to bid on overtime, alternate shifts, and voluntary time off.  As a result, we’ve seen employee satisfaction go through the roof!”

Emily Braik, VP of Workforce Management at Qualfon

Read the report, Celebrating Innovation in CX Automation, to learn what Verint experts recommend organizations do to empower employees with real-time data.

Download the report.

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