Digital Transformation Drives Expansion of Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform in India

Verint Team December 2, 2021

Verint announced availability of its best-in-class Customer Engagement Cloud Platform in India, supporting its customers throughout the country as they progress their digital transformation migrations.

We look at digital transformation as a journey, and Verint is committed to helping organisations transition their operations to cloud-based platforms that deliver cost efficiencies and differentiated experiences to customers and employees,” says Verint’s Ady Meretz, president, Asia Pacific. “That same commitment applies across the region, and we’re delighted to lead the way in India, where Verint has had a strong presence for two decades. It’s a country that is digitally focused with an ever-increasing international BPO presence combined with a thriving domestic market.”

While the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in India, the country is also amongst the most favoured for business process outsourcing (BPO) services, and its outsourcing industry is flourishing. India’s talent pool is made up of highly skilled and largely English-speaking professionals. This, combined with cost-effective labour and 24/7 services, makes India’s BPO capabilities attractive as more and more businesses look towards a globalised workforce to fulfil their operational needs.

“With the increasing remote workforce and pandemic-related push to digital-first engagement, organisations are making their applications readily available in the cloud to support these new future-of-work initiatives,” said Krishna Baidya, head – customer contact research, Frost & Sullivan. “These growing trends and the company’s leading market share of 43.6% in India creates significant opportunity for Verint customers to efficiently transition to the cloud.”*

Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform supports multi-cloud environments with an open, reliable, and secure native cloud architecture. Verint supports a start-anywhere strategy – meaning that applications within the platform can be deployed independently or together. Verint’s Cloud platform is uniquely designed to scale from small to large enterprises across many industries and use cases. It draws on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to connect work, data and experiences so brands can meet increasing and shifting demands and build lasting customer relationships.

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*Source: Frost & Sullivan, Digitization and Cloud Migration Transforming Asia-Pacific Contact Centre Applications Market, Forecast to 2026, published November 2020. The figure quoted is Verint’s market share of the combined Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring and Analytics sectors.