Customer Engagement Is the New Necessity for Business, But It’s Not New to Us

Verint Team December 1, 2021

Nearly 28 years ago, Verint launched our first customer engagement offering. Our focus then was to provide call centre recording and analysis of the subsequent data, something that many companies were only just beginning to adopt.

We understood that customer service shouldn’t simply be transactional but instead a key opportunity for customer engagement and relationship building.

Fast forward to today, and nearly every company understands the necessity and value of customer engagement. There has never been more of a focus on customers and how we interact with them. Global brands understand that every communication is an important touchpoint and can reveal key insights that impact everything from service and sales to product development and business strategy.

We’re proud to have been at the forefront of the customer engagement movement in the 1990s, and even more excited by how we’ve helped evolve that focus in the 21st Century. The pace of technological adoption has never been greater, creating incredible opportunities and challenges for companies dedicated to high-quality customer engagement.

At Verint, we’re committed not just to helping our partners navigate these changes, but also to empowering them to understand and take advantage of all the opportunities we now have to build meaningful customer relationships.

The truth is that in the increased frenzy of new technologies and capabilities for customer engagement, what often gets lost for companies is the actual customer. All the evolving tools and data that we have today are only as valuable as their ability to provide better experiences for customers, and deeper engagement with brands.

Companies can too easily get lost in the data, focusing on metrics that might inch the immediate bottom line but at the expense of long-term customer value. It’s the equivalent of having so many channels on your TV that you can’t find anything to watch. We help companies refocus on the customer and keep them at the centre of their goals and strategy.

Looking back at every technological advancement that we have made at Verint over almost three decades—from call centre recording to AI-powered customer service and agent support assistants, to full-scale enterprise data and analytics solutions—the customer has always been the necessary primary focus.

Better data isn’t just about efficiency and upgrades, it’s about truly knowing what your customer needs, and how best to help them. It’s about understanding versus knowing, and that’s a powerful distinction. Understanding your customer means recognising their motivations and what drives them and anticipating their needs.

Looking forward, we’ve never been at a more exciting time for customer relationships. Companies have opportunities for engagement that we’ve never had before, and the kind of personalised insights that can begin to truly understand customers. Business is no longer simply transactional, and at Verint, we understand that the future of business is a relationship you nurture over time, with diligence, empathy, and genuineness.

Verint holds a customer-centric view of the world, and we believe these relationships matter. Business is a moment to bring people together, and the best companies in the world hold that responsibility sacred. Putting the customer first is what we’ve done for years, and what we will continue to do.