Better CX Is the Heartbeat of Verint Innovation

Christine Cornwell October 2, 2023

Customer Experience (CX) Day is a global day to celebrate the companies, employees, and consumers that are at the heart of better customer experiences. As a proud sponsor of Customer Experience Professionals Association™ (CXPA), Verint has lined up educational programs and ways to engage in the celebration throughout the week.

Celebrating Customer Experience Day reinforces the connection between customer satisfaction and business growth. Satisfied consumers are more likely to refer others to your business and can contribute to organic growth through word-of-mouth marketing. Brands can foster a customer-centric culture where everyone in the company, from top executives to frontline employees, understands the significance of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

With Verint, Your CX Won’t Skip a Beat

In celebration of CX Day, Verint offers some ways to celebrate CX Day and beyond and how companies can reimagine better experiences for their employees and consumers.

Share Your CX Success Stories

On October 3 and beyond, share how you are celebrating CX success with your online and offline networks! We all have anecdotal stories about supportive leaders, teams, and innovations that help advance our CX programs.

  • Give a shout out to mentors, colleagues and managers that improved and shaped your CX professional journey!
  • Share your case study and success stories on social media under the hashtags #CXDay and/or #Verint
  • Recognize and celebrate wins with your CX leaders, colleagues, and employees

Learn How Leveraging Voice of the Customer Analytics Drives CX Automation

As customer expectations rise and staffing levels remain flat, automation is your best option to continue providing a superior customer experience. The future of customer engagement requires organizations to leverage AI—it begins with listening to your customers at scale, harnessing insights, and acting on that feedback in real-time.

Companies that aim to deliver exceptional CX need to shift from passive surveys and follow-up, to proactively responding to customers, automating action, and in turn driving revenue and impact.

On October 3, attend a Verint webinar to learn how AI is driving the latest CX automation innovations and best practices for connecting silos to deliver a superior CX, including how to:

  • Use the latest CX automation platform to reduce customer effort and cost of service.
  • Leverage inferred, indirect, and unstructured Voice of the Customer to listen, analyze and act faster.
  • Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to customer feedback.

Join Let’s Talk Live! Activating Automation in Customer Experience

By now, you’ve realized the important role that AI and automation can play in bettering your CX processes. The problem, however, is that you can’t just throw AI into your operations and expect results. Rather, you need to deploy the right bots for the right task, and that includes finding the right automated solutions that can have a positive impact on employee productivity.

On October 5, join Verint LinkedIn Live featuring two CX experts who will discuss exactly what you need to improve your CX in the face of new challenges around hiring, digital channels, customer preferences, and more. Heather and Brian will provide real-life examples of how bots can be seamlessly integrated into workflows and continuously trained on customer engagement data. In this discussion, you’ll learn how—when done correctly—adding bots to the workforce can augment your human workforce to ultimately lead to better CX outcomes.

Register to learn:

  • How to manage all interactions across channels to elevate CX
  • How conversational AI can deliver incredible CX while driving growth
  • How a unique approach to AI and specialized bots can drive CX automation

In summary, Customer Experience Day is important because it highlights the critical role that customer satisfaction and positive interactions play in the success and growth of businesses. It encourages companies to continuously strive for excellence in customer service, which benefits both employees and consumers.