A New Way to Meet the Challenges of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Lisa Boles October 17, 2023

In the ever-changing landscape of regulations about the handling of sensitive personal information, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that personally identifiable information (PII)—such as names, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and date of birth—is properly protected.

Compounding this challenge is the continuing growth in the numbers and types of channels in which we interact with customers—and, who may/should have access to this sensitive personal information.

Redaction—removing or masking PII—has been available for quite a while but has relied on manual processes to carry out. That leaves room for human error.

But, what if you could use an AI-powered bot to make this important task virtually foolproof with either real-time or post-call redaction?

Now, with Verint’s redaction capabilities, you can do just that. With Verint, sensitive PII data can be removed or masked so that it cannot be accessed by anyone without explicit permission.

Redaction in Real-Time

Organizations that want to completely remove PII data from transcripts and recordings can use Verint Desktop and Process Analytics™ (DPA) with automatic triggers that can pause call recording when that information is being shared.

Doing this prevents it from being captured, so there’s no risk of it being exposed to any unauthorized individuals. Recording simply resumes when PII is no longer being discussed.

It’s More Than Just Verint Recordings

Even companies that have audio that was recorded by third-party recorders (i.e., not Verint) can still take advantage of the security provided by the Verint® Da Vinci™ PII Interaction Redaction Bot.

In this case, it’s simply a matter of ingesting that audio into the Verint Platform. Verint’s transcription and redaction process can be applied exactly the same as if the audio was captured by Verint and achieve the same results and functionality. This can also apply to a company’s historical recordings that were made with PII intact, but now want to export those recordings for analysis while hiding PII from anyone without proper permissions.

Protecting PII Protects YOU

No organization wants to take the risk of having sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Redaction of PII is a key way to guard against the misuse or abuse of personal information through identity theft, fraud, and other forms of cybercrime. Failing to do so can put organizations like yours at risk of legal action, including hefty fines, not to mention the loss of customer trust and damage to your reputation.

Why take the risk?

Learn more about the Verint PII Redaction Bot and the power of Verint Da Vinci AI & Analytics.