A Day in the Life of a Bank Branch: How CX Automation Is Benefiting Customers and Staff

Mary Lou Joseph June 10, 2024

Retail banks have been struggling for years to provide the presence and services customers expect while controlling the costs of these labor-intensive locations. Many thought the era of digital transformation would see the end of the local bank branch, but that didn’t happen.

Accessibility and convenient locations of branches are still a top reason customers choose their bank, and trips to the branch are on the rise.

What the digital transformation initiatives that began in earnest in the 2000s/2010s did was introduce many new cloud-based customer experience (CX) solutions to the banking tech stack, although these were primarily deployed in the contact center to enable better web, mobile, and self-serve experiences.

However, the walls between the contact center and the rest of the organization are being broken down. Banking leaders are leveraging CX automation solutions in their branches to elevate CX, increase engagement, grow sales and revenue, all while better managing costs.

Check out this video, Choregraphing the Branch Customer Experience, to learn how CX automation solutions such as Workforce Management, Appointment Booking, Queue Management, and Voice of the Customer are working together to meet the goals of your customers and the bank.

The video takes you through the day in the life of a branch, and highlights how four individuals are impacted by CX automation:

  • Kenji, the Workforce Planner
  • Tanya, the Branch Manager
  • Harry, a business exec and customer
  • Peggy, a young mom and customer.

In a series of three blogs, I’m going to explore each individual’s story in more depth. I’ll dive into their personal and business objectives, and how CX automation enables them to achieve their goals faster and with better outcomes.

Keep an eye out for Kenji’s story and visit www.verint.com/branch to learn more about our CX automation offerings for bank branches.