Real-Time Coaching: The Secret to Boosting Quality and Agent Performance

You don’t have to wait until after an interaction to provide coaching

With Real-Time Coaching, you can provide assistance to agents in the moment, targeting the specific KPIs where the agent is struggling.

Hear from Daniel Ziv, Vice President, Speech and Text Analytics Go-to-Market Strategy, as he shares the features and benefits of this ground-breaking technology, including:

  • Improving accuracy and consistency with contextual knowledge management
  • Promoting increased empathy and reducing customer churn
  • How to incorporate Real-Time Coaching as part of your Total Quality program

Watch the session now to understand how real-time coaching can improve your customer and employee experience.



D. Daniel Ziv

Daniel Ziv
Vice President – Speech and Text Analytics Global Product Strategy – Verint

Daniel has been leading Verint’s analytics offerings and strategy since 2002 and has been instrumental in implementing AI solutions with many Global 1000 organizations.

Daniel has helped hundreds of Customer Care and CX executives to operationalize market leading speech and text analytics solutions. These solutions generate actionable insights that drive performance improvements and enhance customer engagement with quantifiable impact and ROI.

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