Experience Management for Location

Optimize in-person experiences in real-time. CX leaders can collect, integrate, analyze, and act on customer data to improve their physical customer experience, drive revenue and increase loyalty. 

Elevate In-Person Customer Experiences

  • Deliver exceptional in-person experiences

    Use insights from voice-of-the-customer data to enable stakeholders across the organization to improve the in-person experience as part of an omnichannel strategy.

  • Make the right decisions at the right locations

    Feed real-time, store-specific feedback into day-to-day operations and tap into scorecards, leaderboards, and dashboards to drive improvements across locations and regions. 

  • Supercharge the performance of store, operations, and CRM teams

    Take advantage of predictive modeling to support strategic decisions, isolate customer interaction points to improve the brick-and-mortar experience. 

Verint Recognized as VoC Leader

The need to listen to, understand and engage with customer feedback is greater than ever. With numerous solutions on the market, it’s important to understand what makes a Leader.

That’s why the IDC MarketScape evaluated vendors in their IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Voice of the Customer Applications 2023-2024 Assessment.

Verint is proud to be recognized as a Leader by the IDC MarketScape, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and world class VoC.

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Turn Every Location Into an Opportunity to Improve CX

Close the Feedback Loop

Focus on post-purchase feedback through surveys on receipts or posttransaction emails to identify and fix issues. Create and maintain listening posts to solicit feedback based on event triggers and alert stakeholders of issues in realtime. 

Gain Feedback Across the Customer Journey

Use digital feedback with geo-location capabilities to solicit store-level feedback not only from buyers, but also non-buyers. Drive increased feedback volume across multiple channels for greater insights across the customer journey.

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Unify In-Person, Digital, Marketing and Ecommerce

Take advantage of advanced insights to drive greater collaboration across digital, marketing, and ecommerce teams. Apply greater structure and consistency for CX initiatives by generating KPIs, using benchmarking, and creating outer-loop feedback systems to address CX issues at scale. 

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Intergate CX Metrics from Across the Business

Seamlessly integrate data across channels and use linked CX metrics to predict customer actions. Use synthetic KPIs (such as effort scores) and tie actions directly to ROI. 

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Tangible ROI from Proven Benefits

Implementing Verint Experience Management for Location results in quick time to value and real results that drive sales and customer loyalty. Companies that use Verint Experience Management for Location see:

  • Increase in loyalty metrics and customer satisfaction scores
  • Increase in revenue through marketing improvements
  • Increase in NPS scores
  • Increase in online orders, in-store pick up
  • Increase in same store sales year over year
Download: The Total Economic Impact of Verint Experience Management
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Watch How Shoe Carnival Revolutionizes Customer Experience

Verint Voice of the Customer provides Show Carnival with a fully connected platform enabling the company to listen, analyze, and act on customer feedback across channels. 

Is Your In-Location CX Program Effective?

Your retail, marketing, digital, and operations teams need to effectively collaborate to reinvent the in-location experience as part of the overall omnichannel strategy. However, due to the lack of shared data and metrics, it becomes difficult for to drill-down on customer issues to identify and prioritize improvements – whether it’s around merchandising, pricing, service, or in-store environment.

Now more than ever, your company’s brand promise is delivered to customers through in-store interactions and how it melds with your digital experiences. By implementing a CX program to integrate online and in-location assets, you can remove friction from the buying process and gain more repeat sales and recommendations.

Webinar: How to Successfully Connect Digital and In-store Experiences
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Listen, analyze and act with Verint Voice of the Customer for Location

  • Survey Management

    Find deeper and more meaningful insights with proactive, in-the-moment engagement
  • Predictive Modeling

    Many organizations capture an overwhelming volume of experiential data in customer and employee interactions across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Digital Feedback with Geo-Location

    Capture customer-initiated feedback via web and mobile channels throughout the digital customer journey

Voice of the Customer Insights