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Without your customer’s view on service quality, you’re missing a vital element of your total quality picture. Gather and incorporate customer feedback into your quality processes effortlessly. Improve service quality, enhance compliance, and streamline process improvement and agent training.

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How can customer feedback improve your business?

You might be collecting your customers’ feedback on the service they have received, but are you integrating this information into your management processes to drive real business advantage?

By adding your customers’ view of service and interaction quality to your quality programs, you can reveal process flaws, opportunities for agent training, and compliance risks.

Dive deep into your customer’s perception of your service, make more informed business decisions and improve service quality along with the customer experience, based on continuous feedback.

What is interaction quality?

Measuring interaction quality – your customers’ perception of the level of excellence they experience when communicating with your business, consuming your products, or using your services – is important. Understanding interaction quality is a pivotal element of customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus it must also be part of effective quality programs.

Connect customer feedback with your internal quality KPIs

Verint Interaction Quality is a purpose-built quality application that enables you to gather immediate, direct customer feedback and incorporate it into your customer service quality program. The solution collects customers’ feedback about the quality of their experience immediately after every human and bot interaction – regardless of the channel.

The results can help you ensure a consistent, high-quality customer experience the first time, every time.

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Make customers part of your team

The Key Benefits of Using Verint Interaction Quality

  • Utilize your existing tools

    Post-interaction feedback is integrated into your existing quality scorecards without additional tools or training for your staff.

  • Facilitate timely actions

    Managers can receive automatic alerts about poor interactions, enabling them to take timely action.

  • Boost response rates

    Engaging customers immediately after every interaction using short, dynamic voice or digital evaluations help to improve feedback rates.

  • Drive agent coaching

    Drill down from customer feedback to specific call recordings for further analysis and initiate agent training as needed.

  • Inspire CX improvements

    Discover the impact of agent and bot behavior on customer sentiment and identify opportunities for CX improvements.

  • Enrich insights

    Integrate with other Verint solutions and link CX with quality, performance, and operational data.

Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap

As customers turn to digital channels and the number of interactions rises, keeping on top of service quality and compliance with regulations becomes more difficult. At the same time, the gap between what your quality and compliance program can achieve and the risks to your business and reputation gets bigger. This contributes to the Engagement Capacity Gap ™.

With Verint Interaction Quality you can collect and feed more customer feedback-driven insights into your performance, customer experience, and quality scorecards without the need for any additional resources. The solution is an integral part of Verint Total Quality, a set of solutions that empowers you with tools to improve service and compliance and help you to close the Engagement Capacity Gap.

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