Making Customer Feedback Part of Your Quality Program

How you handle every call or digital interaction is a direct reflection of your organization to the customer. Ensuring every call is consistently of the highest quality is essential to success. A proactive, risk-based approach to quality pinpoints what large-scale brands need when identifying and resolving issues quickly while driving continuous coverage for improvement.

If you’re not including customer feedback solutions such as Interaction Quality, in your quality process, how do you know if employees, human or bots, are adding to or detracting from the customer’s experience? Find out why it’s important to integrate customer feedback solutions such as Interaction Quality, directly into your quality management program and how to automate the process.

Watch this session for a deep dive into Verint’s Total Quality approach to see the larger quality picture at your organization.



Trudy Cannon


Trudy Cannon
Director of Go-to-Market Strategy, Workforce Engagement

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