Verint Open Platform for Retailers Showcased at NRF 2024, Latest Retail Research Announced



Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company®, today announced it will demonstrate its open platform capabilities for retailers at NRF 2024, and its new retail research findings are now available.

Retailers Need to Deliver, Measure and Monitor Cross Channel Experiences

The newly published Verint Experience Index (VXI) Retail Study shows that recent reports of the death of in-store shopping have been greatly exaggerated. Despite the growth in popularity of digital channels in

recent years, the store is still the most popular place for consumers to start and end a shopping journey. The survey results, based on 6,250 responses, revealed a split of around two-thirds versus one-third between in-store and digital for both starting and completing purchases.

Even though 66 percent of customers visit stores to complete a purchase, connected customer journeys across all channels have never been more important. According to the study, 20 percent of the most recent interactions with a retailer were consumers planning a store visit to research a product, while seven percent visited stores to pick up an online purchase. As customers use a wider range of digital channels throughout the shopping experience, retailers need to be able to effectively engage and connect with their customers across these digital touchpoints as well as in-store from beginning to end.

As a result of these trends, brands need to connect the digital and physical experience and eliminate friction between those points. This requires better choreography between digital and physical channels by providing consumers with new ways to get what they need online and in the store. Brands also need more visibility into both digital and physical experiences by capturing customer feedback throughout the customer journey.

Verint Open Platform for Retailers Unifies Customer Engagement Solutions in a Single Platform

The Verint Open Platform for Retailers offers several solutions to help retailers address today’s challenges:

  • Improve choreography between digital and physical channels: Applications such as Verint Appointment Booking, Queue Management, Event Management, and Task Management are designed to capture important insights including why customers visit the store, the products and services they are seeking, as well as the days and times that are most convenient to them. For example, from 2020 until 2022, the number of Verint Appointment Booking customers tripled from 1.2M to 3.6M demonstrating consumer demand for tools that are convenient and save time.
  • Implement Voice of the Customer (VoC) capabilities across channels: Brands need location feedback, specifically designed to capture customer feedback on in-store experiences in near real time. They also need digital feedback as well. The prompt and targeted feedback on store and digital visits can fill a large data gap by revealing more insights into what customers are experiencing across channels.
  • Elevate candidate quality: Even the most well-orchestrated in-store to digital experience still requires the right employees with the knowledge and skill to deliver a great experience to consumers. To help with this problem, the Verint Interviewing Bot automates the analysis of candidate assessments using AI, proprietary audio models, and predictive analytics. The bot identifies high performers, reducing attrition and hiring costs, all while increasing performance outcomes.

The Verint Open Platform for Retailers leverages solutions to help modernize retail operations and deliver elegant experiences across physical locations and digital channels that will ultimately increase customer foot traffic and enhance sales.

GNC Leverages Verint VoC to Provide Exceptional Digital Customer Experience

Leading health and wellness brand GNC recognizes the importance of listening to digital feedback to improve customer experience. Using Verint VoC solutions, GNC was able to capture actionable and diagnostic digital experience data to drive improvements across the organization. The data is funneled to a digital triage team, empowered with vital insights into customer experience related to its website. Improved find-and-fix processes helped fulfillment teams handle surging online orders, keep up with high demand and overcome shipping and contact center challenges.

“Providing a consistent and connected experience across engagement channels is now non-negotiable for retailers,” says Verint’s Jackie Hudson, global vice president and general manager, retail workforce solutions. “They need to understand the key touchpoints across their customers’ journeys, make it easy and convenient for customers to interact with them in their channel of choice, and have solutions in place that provide a constant feedback loop to ensure the customer experience is evolving and improving to meet customer needs.”

Learn more about Verint’s Customer Engagement Solutions for Retailers.

Visit the Verint booth #1521 at NRF 2024, Retail’s Big Show, January 14-16, New York City.  

Download the Verint Experience Index: Retail report for the full rankings and more insights, including details on the omnichannel customer journey, for the 25 retailers featured.

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