Leading Financial Services Company Deploys Verint AI-Powered Bots to Fully Automate 80 Percent of Customer Interaction Traffic

Verint IVA Automates 14 Million Voice and Digital Interactions Annually

Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), The CX Automation Company, today announced that a leading consumer financial services firm is achieving strong artificial intelligence (AI) business outcomes with Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA).

The firm reports experiencing significant financial and operational benefits as Verint IVA handles approximately 14 million customer service interactions annually and successfully resolves approximately 80 percent of customer interactions without transferring to a human agent.

The firm initially deployed Verint IVA on their digital chat channel where they reported containment rates quickly rose to 80 percent. They subsequently added internal helpdesk channels and customer facing voice channels to the Verint IVA deployment. Today, Verint AI-powered bots embedded in Verint IVA enable the firm to increase agent capacity, expand service hours, lower operating costs, and elevate the customer experience.

“Verint IVA delivers industry leading performance across voice and digital channels. Its scalable design enables brands to start with a small and quick deployment and immediately reap the benefits of AI business outcomes,” said Heather Richards, Verint’s vice president of go-to-market strategy. “Verint IVA consistently improves its performance by using AI machine learning and the comprehensive behavioral data hub available in the Verint Open Platform.”

Verint IVA includes multiple AI-powered bots working together to achieve industry leading containment rates and is part of a large team of specialized bots available within the Verint Open Platform.

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