Verint Launches Low-Code Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Customer Engagement

New Offering Provides Business Professionals User-friendly Tools, Making it Easier to Operationalize AI Across the Enterprise



Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), the Customer Engagement Company, today announced Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Professional (IVA Pro) Package, a low-code conversational artificial intelligence (AI) offering that can rapidly turn existing conversation data into automated self-service experiences.

As part of the market-leading Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) offering, the package allows business professionals to quickly deploy a production-ready chatbot to deflect calls and support customers. Verint IVA enables businesses to expand capabilities across the enterprise with boundless intelligence for both voice and digital.

With the introduction of the Verint IVA Pro Package, Verint is now one of the only leading providers supporting businesses as they mature their self-service capabilities from initial chatbot deployment to a fully operational enterprise-wide solution.

Powered by the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform, this new SaaS offering includes a complete set of user-friendly AI-powered design and analytics tools. These tools help brands quickly align IVAs with their business goals and measure results to adjust and optimize chatbots quickly and easily. The Verint IVA Pro Package is unique among low-code offerings in leveraging advanced AI typically only delivered in fully coded, enterprise solutions. The innovative package enables a company to implement the advanced technology of Verint’s market-leading IVA via a user-friendly interface to provide immediate cost savings and value.

“Customer conscious businesses need tools that enable subject matter experts at the departmental level to build and manage intelligent virtual assistants capable of completing complex tasks,” explains Dan Miller, lead analyst, Opus Research. “These capabilities are especially important as pandemic-driven changes in the volume and mix of contacts require companies to move automated intelligent assistants from proof-of-concepts to critical communications paths with customers without costly IT overhauls or operational disruptions.”

Verint provides one of the only low-code offerings that eliminates manual data entry by rapidly processing large amounts of unstructured, real-world conversational data – a task typically performed by highly-skilled data scientists. It then categorizes the ideas together for business professionals, so all that is needed is to drag and drop in new ideas, test on the fly, and deploy.

“Verint IVA and IVA Pro Package now empower non-technical business users to focus on the customer experience without sacrificing intelligence or value. This gives organizations capabilities they’ve never been able to wield before, and the potential to advance and operationalize AI across the enterprise as their self-service aspirations grow and evolve,” says Verint’s Tracy Malingo, general manager and global vice president, intelligent self-service.

Multiple studies have pointed out that approximately half of all AI projects end up failing. Verint’s IVA offerings ensure a higher rate of success by accelerating time-to-production and providing built-in tools to measure effectiveness and value to grow and improve over time. Businesses just getting started with chatbots and virtual assistants now can proceed with confidence, knowing that the investment in AI-powered technology can be measured and quantified on an ongoing basis.

The Verint IVA Pro Package enables organizations to achieve the following benefits:

  • Rapidly turn existing conversation data into automated self-service
  • Quickly build, test, and deploy a user-friendly IVA in days
  • Extend to the highest-quality enterprise IVA when ready
  • Prove out AI-powered technology for a wide variety of business needs
  • Continuously improve automation with conversation data and insights
  • Measure ROI and value to meet business goals
  • Develop new capabilities quickly with the power of the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform
  • Access expert support when needed

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