Verint Launches New Comprehensive Compliance Capabilities Powered by Automation



Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced new automated verification and capture capabilities that address complex compliance challenges associated with customer and employee engagement. As a recognized leader and innovator of customer engagement solutions, the company delivers a variety of compliance offerings—from capture and encryption of voice, text, video and instant message interactions, to speech, text and desktop analytics, to ground-breaking automated verification.

Consumer demands for data privacy, ethical business practices and security are driving the increasing pace and scope of regulatory and compliance demands worldwide, and these dynamics are resulting in new regulations that affect everything from how organizations engage with customers, to how they process and archive records.

“Verint helps organizations simplify, modernize and automate compliance for regulations like GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, MIFID II and many others,” notes Verint’s John Goodson, senior vice president and general manager, products. “In doing so, we’re helping organizations capture, control, retain and analyze the appropriate data using a single system of record and automating many ongoing compliance activities, enabling them to more effectively engage with their customers, reduce risk, and avoid fines and reputational damage.”

A 2018 survey sponsored by Verint and involving more than 36,000 consumers globally found that “an organization I trust” is the third most important factor in the purchasing decisions of consumers. Trust was cited behind only quality and cost as key drivers of purchase behavior. The study also revealed that only 51 percent of consumers trust providers to use their data ethically, and 49 percent are more likely to switch providers for ethical reasons. Negative publicity around breaches or misuse of data can quickly damage customer goodwill and trust. Compliance and data privacy are no longer simply risk issues—they have significant customer loyalty implications as well.

Verint helps address compliance blind spots and gaps, and maintains the discipline of ongoing compliance, while delivering strong return on investment to enterprise compliance departments. Its solutions can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid cloud environments.