Verint Accelerates Workforce Engagement for Back-Office Operations with New Automation Capabilities

Latest Advancements Include Innovations in Robotic Process Automation and Work Allocation Automation



Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced new workforce engagement capabilities for simplifying, modernizing and automating back-office operations. The back office* plays an important role in delivering a better customer experience, and organizations recognize that the back-office workforce is critical to achieving a differentiated customer engagement strategy. Verint is a recognized leader in workforce engagement solutions deployed extensively in back-office operations in the banking, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications and utility industries for greater operational efficiencies and better customer experiences.

According to experts, issues with back-office processing—such as data entry errors, workflow bottlenecks and repetitive manual processes—account for a significant portion of customer contact volume and customer dissatisfaction. As a result, organizations are looking to transform their back offices with new tools and business practices to drive efficiencies, empower their employees to meet demand, and deliver quality, on-time work.

“For more than a decade, Verint customers have counted on our patented, proven and uniquely designed Back-Office Workforce Engagement offerings to provide a streamlined, consistent approach to the effective management of work, people and technology across operations,” says Verint’s John Goodson, senior vice president and general manager, products. “We’re very proud to introduce leading-edge automation capabilities to further increase the ROI for our customers.”

Verint’s portfolio for the back office incorporates analytics and automation technology across a broad suite of solutions for desktop analytics, performance management, work allocation and tracking, robotic process automation, workforce management and quality management. Capabilities announced today are the automation of work allocation and robotic process automation.

Work Allocation Automation

Verint work allocation assigns work, tracks employee progress and quickly spots potential bottlenecks or barriers to accurate, timely completion. Back-office managers can automatically capture, organize, prioritize, assign and track work based on pre-defined rules, with the status of work housed in a single repository, regardless of processing system. They know in real-time all the work there is to do and who’s performing it. Employees equally reap benefits from powerful analytics that help them make better decisions about which items to work on first. This streamlines work allocation, while reducing costly overtime, errors and rework, leading to fewer complaints.

Robotic Process Automation

Verint Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—recognized in the most recent Alconics Awards**—features new capabilities that enhance the ability to unlock productivity across the back office. As software robots automatically handle the routine, mundane work, employees can focus on tasks that require human decision-making and creativity. By freeing them up, organizations make it possible for employees to build new skills as their jobs evolve. And as they do, robots make the work employees do easier by providing guidance in a “show me” mode that teaches them how to perform certain transactions without leaving the desktop for training.

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