Open Ecosystem

No contact center exists in a vacuum. Don’t get locked into a single vendor.

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What is an Open Ecosystem?

An open ecosystem approach maximizes your pace of innovation and respects your current technology investments. Verint’s platform is designed to integrate with your existing ecosystem. With hundreds of built-in adaptors, Verint can work seamlessly with your existing ACD, CRM, HCM, and more. This means you can bring your own telephony, CRM, etc., and have the peace of mind that everything works together.

Bring your own telephony

Replacing an ACD system is a headache. And once you switch, what if a merger or acquisition brings a new system into the fold? Closed CCaaS platforms are linked to a single telephony vendor, severely limiting your flexibility.  With Open CCaaS, you can bring your own telephony. This means that any major ACD can be integrated into your CCaaS and multiple ACDs can be connected to the CCaaS at the same time. With a Bring Your Own Telephony (BYOT) approach, you can focus on the customer experience, rather than your system connection points.

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Telephony isn’t in the cloud? No problem!

Every organization has their own timelines for moving to the cloud, and the ACD is often one of the last pieces of the puzzle. If your telephony system is still on-premises, you might think your company can’t take advantage of the benefits of a CCaaS platform. We have excellent news for you.  With Verint Open CCaaS approach, you can choose any telephony vendor, on-premises or in the cloud, or even use multiple different ACD systems.  With Verint, you can plan your telephony transition to the cloud independently of your CCaaS decision.

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Quick time to value with pre-built adaptors

Our open approach drives future flexibility as your ecosystem evolves. Verint Open CCaaS platform provides seamless integration with the existing applications in your enterprise ecosystem, including:

  • Telephony Vendors (CCaaS, UCaaS)
  • CRM Vendors
  • Enterprise Software (ERP, HCM, etc.)
  • Data Lakes/Warehouses

With hundreds of pre-built adapters, Verint is agnostic to the various applications in your ecosystem, and our ability to provide free flow of data in and out of the Verint platform improves your time to value.

Maximize your existing investments

Every contact center uses multiple applications from multiple vendors. Verint helps you get the most out of your existing investments with seamless integration to third-party applications. Rather than a closed off approach, Verint helps you integrate existing applications into the Verint platform. With Verint, you can:

  • Pass data between systems
  • Integrate third-party applications into your agent workflows
  • Add third-party communication channels
  • And more.

Verint Marketplace and Developer Portal

The open ecosystem approach also encourages rapid innovation. Verint’s developers, our customers, and our partners all work together to continuously create and share innovations in the Verint Marketplace and Developer Portal.

With over 350 listings and counting, the Verint Marketplace includes extensions, Verint Da Vinci Services, and more from Verint and our partners to help you drive faster time to value. The Developer Portal is your one-stop shop for Verint APIs to extend and enhance capabilities and create unique value for your business.

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