Modern Customers Call for Modern CX Processes

The customer engagement landscape has fundamentally changed, but many organizations are trying to use the same solutions to solve these new challenges. To truly deliver superior CX, you need a solution that puts CX first.

You want to provide a great CX but have a limited budget and resources. With customer experience automation, you can leverage AI and automation to make it faster and cheaper to provide a great CX across channels.

Learn how customer feedback, employee engagement, AI and automation come together to build the customer experiences of the future.

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CX Innovations

Ventana Research finds that when we make appropriate use of automation, digital technology and data, we can see how much revenue businesses have been leaving on the table by not fully engaging with customers.

And in this era of change, those who recognize the new possibilities will reap the benefits.

If an organization wants to evolve its CX from good to great, it needs to go beyond capturing a snapshot of customer sentiment

Many feedback or voice of the customer programs do a great job at capturing mood, but then drop the ball when it comes to prescribing specific actions.

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Modern CX Processes

Ventana Research identified several key challenges to driving modern customer experiences, including:

  1. Massive amounts of interaction and customer data
  2. Moving quickly from customer insights into action
  3. Improving employee experiences

Verint solutions are designed to be at the forefront of innovation in many fields, including full lifecycle CX, feedback, and the omnichannel customer experience.

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