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Why choosing Verint cameras is the right choice

​Not all IP cameras are created equal. By combining Verint’s IP cameras with Verint’s EdgeVMS video management system, customers now have a seamless integration with all the tools necessary to keep people, property and information safe while mitigating risk, staying compliant and reducing cost. Verint cameras can be configured and maintained remotely which makes administration a snap and saves you time and money.

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“Verint is integrated into our world in many ways. In addition to providing us with robust solutions, the collaboration with Verint and our corporate security team is highly valued. Verint isn’t just a vendor, they are a business partner.”

Kim Hodgkin
Corporate Security Manager, Delta Community Credit Union


The Verint® V3450 RD is a small, recessed-mount fixed dome network camera, offering superb image quality up to 20 fps at 5-Megapixel resolution. Due to its compact design the camera is able to blend into any indoor surveillance space such as retail, banks, restaurants, offices
and other public areas
  • 1/2.7” Progressive C MO S Sensor
  • 20 fps @ 2560×1920
  • Adaptivestream to optimize bandwidth efficiency
  • True WDR for unparalleled visibility in high contrast environments
ip camera V3450RD

V3820 Series

The Verint V3720 series features a bullet network (V3820BTW-DN) and network dome (3820FDW-DN) cameras that can be used for indoor and outdoor installations. Featuring a high quality 2MP sensor with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 at 30 fps. Both cameras produce clear and sharp images and include powerful features like Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Remote Focus and Zoom and a built-in MicroSD slot for onboard storage.

  • H.264 compression reducing bandwidth and storage needs
  • Built-in megapixel motorized lens for remote zoom and focus
  • True WDR for unparalleled visibility in extremely bright and dark environments
  • Powerful integration with our Verint EdgeVR recorders
ip camera c3820

V4750 Series

The V4750 camera series (V4750 FDW-DNand V4750BX-DN) is a powerful camera line that can be used in indoor and outdoor applications and features high resolution images (5MP), Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Remote Focus and Zoom, Onboard Analytics and a built-in MicroSD slot for onboard storage.

  • Max. 5MP (2592×1944) @30fps resolution
  • Smart compression offering optimally usable bandwidth and storage
  • Triple H.265/H.264/MJPEG  video streams
  • True WDR 120dB for better visibility
ip cameras V4750 Series

V8080 BX-DN

Verint’s V8080BX-DN IP box camera features 4k (8MP) ultra-high resolution images, true WDR, Auto Back Focus, and built in analytics.The V8080BX-DN delivers sharp, detailed images and provides excellent coverage in any situation. This camera can be
installed anywhere where high resolution and extra detail is required like casinos, cash counting rooms and other important places.

ip camera c8080

OnCam C Series Camera

OnCam C Series Camera, when combined with Verint Video Inspector (VVI) and Verint Op-Center software, enables an end-to-end solution for management of dome camera applications. This solution is available in Indoor and Outdoor models and installation is simplified to a few key steps.
  • 12MP sensor that delivers sharp and clear images
  • TrueDetail HDR uses dual concurrent exposures to Reveal the lost details in both dark and bright areas of a scene
  • StreamLite compression lowers bandwidth by up to 50%
  • Constant 360° surveillance for excellent Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Light Management dynamically optimizes available light to provide the best image possible
  • 3D Virtual PTZ dewarping in Verint Video Inspector
ip camera oncam c

Verint V4445 Modular Camera System

The V4445 features a separate camera unit and video core design connected by a five-meter cable. Separating the Video processing electronics from the camera allows the imager size to be reduced and as a result the camera modules can be installed just about anywhere.
  • 4MP & 5MP
  • Up to 180 degree Field of View
  • Small discreet camera modules with frame rates up to 30FPS
  • WDR for Improved Visibility in high contrast scenes
ip cameras V4445


The Outdoor IP dome camera by Verint, the 8082FDW boasts ultra-high resolution 4k (8MP) images, true WDR capability, and built-in analytics. Designed to withstand outdoor conditions like rain, dust, and cold, the V8082FDW provides excellent coverage in spaces such as parking lots,
airports, and other large areas.
  • Max. 8MP(3840×2160) @30fps resolution
  • Adaptivestream Compression
  • h.264/265
  • Built-in megapixel P-Iris motorized lens
ip camera V8082FDW


Verint’s V3621-HS-POE is a 2MP height strip network IP camera equipped with a 180-degree wide-angle lens that provides high-quality, clear images across an expansive field of view. An ideal installation height of 170 cm (5.5 ft.) allows the V3621-HS-POE to capture precise facial images at eye level, even when visibility is partial or presents challenges, such as when a subject is wearing a hat or is covered with a hood.
  • 2-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • 180° Horizontal Panoramic View
  • Height Strip Design for Eye-level Video Surveillance
  • 30 fps @ 1920×1080
ip camera v3621