Verint Corporate Governance Policies

Reporting A Concern

Verint Ethics Helpline

We have established an Ethics Helpline to receive complaints and concerns regarding accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters, Code of Conduct violations, and other matters such as illegal or unethical activity, confidentially and/or anonymously.

The HelpLine is operated by an independent third-party firm that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is accessible by employees, stock holders, vendors, suppliers, customers and others.

Anyone reporting a complaint or concern may do so without identifying themselves by name when they contact the HelpLine (as permitted by local law). If a person chooses to give his or her name, that information will be kept confidential unless, as in the case of certain crimes, a law requires such name be provided to enforcement officials or a court. Even if a person contacting the Helpline does not provide his or her name, that person will be given a control number to allow him or her to call back the Helpline to check the status of the complaint or concern.

Any matter reported to the Helpline may be requested to be sent directly to the Audit Committee. Otherwise, the matter will be referred to the Chief Compliance Officer. In that event, the Chief Compliance Officer will, depending on the nature of the matter, communicate it to the Company’s Board of Directors or to appropriate personnel within the Company.

You can submit a potential allegation, concern, or question via the Internet at or call the respective toll-free number here.