Five Ways Verint Containment Bots Deliver Better Self-Service

Mike Bookey September 5, 2023

When people need help from your organization, they don’t want to wait. At the same time, they won’t accept anything less than excellent service, regardless of whether or not your contact center has the capacity to meet these needs with live agents.

Whether you’re in e-commerce, hospitality, or healthcare, every organization must find ways to deliver immediate, actionable self-service at any time.

Verint’s Digital Containment Bot and Voice Containment Bot mean you can scale to meet rising customer expectations. These AI-powered bots deliver personalized self-service experiences through all channels, including digital and voice, to effectively resolve customer inquiries and reduce the volume of calls to your contact center.

Here are five ways that the Verint Containment Bots for both digital and voice lead to better self-service outcomes across your organization.

Improves Customer Experience

Again, consumers are using digital self-service tools more than ever to interact with organizations, and they also expect more and better results from automated self-service interactions. In fact, in our recent report, “The 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience,” we found that 53 percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18 and 44, and 35 percent of those aged 45 to 75, said they preferred to engage via digital channels. Both of those statistics have grown substantially year-over-year.

From this research, we know that whether it’s through digital or voice channels, it’s not about just containing interactions outside of the traditional contact center—it’s about delivering excellent self-service experiences to the customers that you’ve contained with the least or no effort and such that they would use it again.

These bots deliver swift, precise, and personalized responses for excellent customer experiences. But Verint containment bots don’t just answer questions. Rather, they provide actionable service that takes the next step by performing a task, such as scheduling an appointment, booking a hotel room, or requesting a new insurance card.

Reduces Operational Costs

As you know, every inquiry to your contact center costs money. Verint containment bots allow you to reduce the number of interactions handled or escalated by agents by providing AI-powered self-service. Your agents are still there when they’re needed for a true human touch, but in the end, you’re likely to see significant contact center savings—and your agents will become experts at handling the complex requests that matter most to customers.

Always On for Omnipresent Service

The modern consumer operates on their own schedule. That’s why the Verint Digital Containment Bot and the Verint Voice Containment Bot are always on, even when your contact center might not be.

They interact with customers on their digital and voice channel of choice for 24/7 real-time support. And while they might operate asynchronously from the contact center, our digital bots and voice bots collect context and conversational data in case a live agent is eventually needed to resolve the issue.

Improves Efficiency

A contact center agent’s time is valuable. They don’t want to be tied up on a call answering typical, repetitive inquiries. This leads to longer wait times, costlier interactions, and a less-than-enjoyable work experience for the agent.

By automating routine and repetitive tasks, the Verint Containment Bots allow your agents to focus on higher-value tasks that truly require their expertise. If an agent is truly needed to handle complex requests, Verint Containment Bots can gather interaction context and customer information to warmly hand the issue to the agent so that the customer does not need to repeat information, which reduces the average handling time.

Provides Consistent Answers at Scale

Verint Digital Containment Bot and Voice Containment Bot are built on industry-leading conversational AI technology that’s been delivering excellent results to companies across industries for more than two decades. These bots rely on continuous training and improvement to accurately identify intents and provide the relevant, correct responses, regardless of complexity or specificity to your business.

And as your organization grows and evolves, these bots are built to scale and be deployed to meet the needs of an ever-changing customer base and use cases.

Learn more about how Verint delivers containment through automation with Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant right here.