Employee Coaching for Workforce Optimization

Improve employee retention and performance with out-of-the-box workflows to provide personalized guidance and quality management that results in better service for your customers.

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Schedule, Deliver, and Track Employee Coaching Automatically

The quality of service your organization delivers depends on the skills of its employees. But in the hectic environment that’s typical of contact centers, branch operations and back-office operations, supervisors often spend the least amount of their time coaching staff and helping them build their skills.

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Verint Coaching is a practical solution to help make employee coaching a part of daily operations. It provides out-of-the-box workflow for scheduling, delivering, and tracking coaching that’s integrated with individual quality monitoring evaluation scores and key performance indicators (KPIs). By tying coaching together with scorecards and training and making this information available right on the desktop, Verint Coaching can help your organization provide employees with better guidance on how to enhance their skills.

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Verint Coaching is included as part of our Verint Workforce OptimizationVerint Quality Management, and Verint Performance Management solutions.  It can help you receive extended value from your other Verint solutions, including Learning and Workforce Management.

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Provide Targeted Training for Employees

Building and keeping employee skills sharp can be a continual challenge for many organizations, particularly as products, services, processes, regulations, and staffing change over time.

Verint Learning can provide staff with timely, relevant training without the high cost and inconvenience of classroom sessions. This practical solution makes training available directly on the employee desktop. Supervisors can assign courses and other training content to individuals or groups manually based on their own observations, or training can be triggered automatically based on scorecard results and quality monitoring performance evaluations. Employees can even assign lessons to themselves proactively to improve their skills.

Verint Learning is available with Verint Workforce OptimizationWorkforce ManagementPerformance Management and Quality Management solutions. It can help you empower your employees by providing a continuous cycle of learning available right from their desktops.