Nielsen IQ Executes Surveys 35% Faster with Verint Open Platform

Nielsen IQ (NIQ), the leading consumer intelligence organization, has standardized worldwide on Verint Platform to support listening, analyzing, and acting on voice of the customer (VOC) and client studies. The Verint AI-powered platform captures and analyzes consumer insights, with the data used to obtain key insights into consumer decision-making, re-evaluate go-to-market strategies, and create more targeted marketing tactics.

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The results

  • Completed more than 900,000 surveys worldwide last year.

  • Increased survey response by 14% in Latin America.

  • Achieved almost 50% response in Latin America (FIFA World Cup 2022 survey).

  • Executed surveys 35% faster than before.

About NIQ

NIQ, the world’s leading consumer intelligence company, reveals new pathways to growth for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. With operations in more than 100 countries, NIQ delivers the most complete and clear understanding of consumer buying behavior through an advanced business intelligence platform with integrated predictive analytics.

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The opportunity: Helping clients obtain the right insights

This global leader in audience insights, data, and analytics is continually evolving. Critical behavior insights are used to analyze brand sentiment, track customer satisfaction, predict shopper behavior, and capture in-the-moment consumption habits.

“A client might ask us to analyze consumption of their coffee among a certain demographic, in a particular geography, over a set period of time,” explains Ivan Serrano, Survey Hub Leader at NIQ. “By understanding consumer behavior, we can help clients obtain the right insights on shopper decision-making, use the analytics to re-evaluate go-to-market strategies, and turn insights into more targeted marketing tactics.”

The background to the Verint relationship began in Europe. NIQ had been using Verint Platform for almost five years. “We would send out large control sample-size emails,” says Serrano. “We’d use Verint to create the surveys and add associated content, such as images, videos, and links. It was a great success – and last year we expanded Verint into the Americas.”

Previously in Brazil and Mexico, for example, NIQ used a different online survey tool. It took far longer to execute the surveys, and the conversion rate was typically around 3 percent. “For every 100 surveys, we might only receive three responses. That in turn delayed our fieldwork and undermined our client experience,” Serrano explains.

Capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback

NIQ subsequently standardized on Verint worldwide to capture, analyze, track, and act on customer feedback on behalf of clients. The platform is currently used in 14 countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. According to Serrano, NIQ completed over 900,000 surveys last year in these regions.

The platform makes it easy for the team to create surveys. They simply choose a best practice template, import questions, or use the solution’s editor to build their own. Features such as branching, validation, and quotas enable data to be gathered quickly and efficiently.

“Clients work to build their questionnaire, containing maybe 50 or 70 questions. Once approved, the data is loaded into Verint and sent to the email panel database,” says Serrano.

Surveys can be launched via a range of mobile devices. NIQ also has the flexibility to launch them offline or by using a web app, mobile browser, or SMS. Mobile surveys render in a device-friendly format, and branching based on campaign type drives a personalized survey experience, which helps drive increased response rates and customer engagement.

“We typically allow each client survey to run for about a week, sending intermittent reminders to participants. Upon completion, we can turn the raw data into actionable results. It’s great to aggregate and track data across all the surveys, different types of surveys, and various time periods in one view.”

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The benefits: Achieving up to 55% survey response

NIQ relies on Verint to proactively engage with its clients’ end-user customers across a wide variety of channels and use that input to drive enterprise action and accountability. The benefits include:

  • Increased survey results: According to Serrano, NIQ increased its survey response by 14 percent with Verint. Certain surveys are achieving up to 55 percent response, such as one associated with the FIFA World Cup 2022.
  • Agile, rewarding user experience: The NIQ team can create, execute, and analyze surveys 35 percent faster than before – increasing productivity, responsiveness, and client satisfaction. “Our clients can look at the link we send them and see the immediate status of the replies. This is real-time collaboration in action.”
  • Maximized survey frequency: NIQ can manage the frequency and timing of surveys to help eliminate “feedback fatigue” and improve response rates. “In Europe, we conduct an average of six or seven surveys in different countries each week using Verint. None overlap and we immediately have a single view of trends.”
  • Delivered survey volume: NIQ frequently sends out survey email samples to 2,000+ participants. Templates, questions, and themes streamline development and execution. Video, docs, audio, and other media can be added quickly and easily.

Serrano concludes, “We can launch a survey and often receive 50 percent of the required response rate the same day. The rest of the time can be spent targeting the demographic quotas we need to capture. I’m so glad we chose Verint Platform for VOC in the Americas. We are extending the success we have with Verint in Europe to our clients worldwide.”

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