Leading Technology and Business Services Provider Increases Operational Visibility and Processing Control

Verint Operations Productivity helps firm better understand employee performance, in turn helping to enhance outcomes and experiences for its customers and their clients.

The results

  • Improved operational visibility and processing control

  • Increased employee capacity and effectiveness

  • Accelerated processing times to better meet service goals

About the large technology and business services provider

A large technology and business services provider prides itself on helping citizens around the globe successfully engage with their governments at all levels and across a variety of programs to achieve better outcomes and experiences. The firm’s solutions also help government agencies and programs increase productivity, accuracy, and operational efficiencies. The company currently handles Affordable Care Act (ACA) processing for several states, including enrollment, benefits, and claims.


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The opportunity: Great insights and better outcomes

The group responsible for ACA processing wanted to transform service delivery and become the vendor of choice for ACA program support by increasing productivity and transparency with state agencies. The company’s ACA contracts require proof that its employees are working and being productive each day for its customers. As a result, the company’s shared services group was charged with finding a more reliable, measurable way to:

  • Increase visibility and processing control.
  • Process work faster and at a lower cost.
  • Provide evidence to clients of employee productivity.

Understanding where opportunities for improvement existed was challenging, as employees were self-reporting how they spent their time. In addition, the reporting from the firm’s business process management (BPM) system returned only total outputs. This meant that managers were unable to drill down to understand how work was done, compare actual versus self-reported time, and validate time was being spent on the right activities. Given these shortcomings, the company needed a means of augmenting its BPM solutions with employee activity data for greater insights and to drive better outcomes.

Increase employee efficiency and effectiveness with  Verint Operations Productivity

Employee visibility

For greater visibility into employee activity and to help improve employee performance, the company deployed Verint Operations Productivity across the team handling ACA processing for one state.

The firm had explored several “employee monitoring” solutions but was dissatisfied with the way data was collected. Often, the means of data capture was disruptive and invaded employee privacy. This included random screen grabs/scraping to understand what employees were doing or accessing employee webcams to validate that employees were at their desks. Such practices run the risk of inadvertently capturing personal information. For example, an employee’s bank statement could be captured if the employee happened to be checking their bank balance while on break.

Verint Operations Productivity, part of Verint Open CCaaS Platform, which enables seamless integration with existing enterprise systems and applications, takes a different approach. The solution captures the URLs of employees’ open desktop windows, categorizing the applications used into production-related, non-production-related, and idle. This data is aggregated into reports showing actual productivity. Further, outliers and opportunities to refocus employees on production-related work are identified. To protect employee privacy, individual URLs are masked and not shared with managers. With Verint Operations Productivity, the company has a baseline for employee productivity and a more effective means of identifying employees who may need additional training or coaching.

Employee Effectiveness

Next, the company enabled the performance management component of Verint Operations Productivity. This transformed the raw, how-time-was-spent data into measurable metrics. With key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed in role-based performance scorecards, managers can set goals for each metric, and both managers and employees can view actual performance against goals in near real time.

Because of the open Verint Platform, Verint Operations Productivity can also accept data from other source systems, expanding the KPIs to create a more well-rounded view of employee performance. For example, the firm captures items processed from its BPM/workflow systems so employees can see their throughput versus goal. With a holistic view of employee performance, the company evolved from focusing on improving employee productivity (time spent on client- or process-related tasks) to increasing employee effectiveness (how work is processed). As a result, it is driving processing consistency and improving employee proficiency to process work faster and increase capacity.

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The benefits

Once the company had real-time insight into employee activity and shared this data with employees, it experienced a sharp increase in focus and time spent on direct customer support activities. The Verint solution has enabled the firm to:

  • Improve operational visibility and standardize performance management practices.
  • Speed turnaround times, lowering the cost to serve.
  • Document employee productivity and contributions for contract compliance.

The successful experience of the first team handling ACA processing for one state spurred the expansion of Verint Operations Productivity to ACA processing groups for other states. The Verint solution has helped the firm create a best-in-class practice for managing ACA processing. The consistency in approach and depth of operational reporting gives it a competitive edge, which is helping it win bids across more states.

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