Case Study: O2

Explore Qudini by Verint’s O2 case study to find out how we’ve helped the leading telecommunications company to reduce the walkout rate by 62%.

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O2 is the commercial brand of Telefonica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company. According to Ofcom, O2 has the highest customer satisfaction of any mobile provider in the UK. They have almost 500 UK stores, over 2,500 employees and more than 23 million customers. They’re utilizing Qudini by Verint’s Queue Management Software and Appointment Booking App to create an even more powerful customer experience.

O2 Stats

  • 62%

    Walkout reduction

  • 27%

    Greater floor efficiency

  • £29m/y

    Conversion opportunity

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The Challenge

O2 wanted to evolve its customer experience so they employed store hosts to greet and assist customers as they enter their stores.

Previously, these store hosts managed customers using clipboard and pen, a process which limited visibility on customer or store associate activities.

Store hosts were unable to provide customers with accurate waiting times, causing some customers to become frustrated and walk out without service. Typically, the customers that were most likely to walk out were those wanting to sign up for new contracts meaning O2 was losing significant revenue opportunities every year.


O2 deployed the Qudini by Verint Shop Floor Software across their 487 UK stores, enabling store associates to create a better virtual queuing and appointment booking experience. In doing so, O2 improved the store experience and increased customer retainment.


  • Better resource allocation

    The improved shop floor operations and the footfall insights that Qudini by Verint provides, has enabled O2 to better allocate their resources to the right locations at the right time to save them significant cost.

  • More productive shop floor

    Staff transaction time has dropped by 27%, with Qudini by Verint ensuring that more positive and productive conversations take place in less time. Providing the shop floor team with more time allows them to serve more customers and undertake more tasks.

  • Improved customer loyalty and advocacy

    O2’s NPS scores have been at an all-time high since deploying Qudini by Verint, thanks to the improved waiting experience and better customer service.

  • Smarter commercial decisions

    O2’s head office now has access to invaluable business intelligence analytics on their stores’ footfall, performance, and operations, helping to improve sales and efficiency across their entire estate.

  • Improved competitive advantage

    Having an improved waiting experience ensures O2 isn’t just retaining customers but also capturing those walking out of their competitors’ stores

  • Increased staff retention

    The improved in-store atmosphere and team collaboration reduces stress and improves store team morale, increasing employee retainment time. This greatly reduces O2’s spend on recruiting and training for new employees.

  • Reduced consulting costs

    Collecting all the data they need through the Qudini by Verint Business Intelligence Platform, O2 are saving £200,000 a year that would otherwise be spent on mystery shoppers and surveys. These insights can be used internally or provided to consultants to make faster and more meaningful changes across their business.