Voice of Employee: Survey Management at Scale

Philip Enders Arden November 8, 2023

Voice of employee projects come in all sizes. Managing surveys for a thirty-person office is quantitively and qualitatively different from managing them for a one-point-six-million-person organization.

Not every survey management tool is built to scale at any level, to deliver actionable results based on the findings, and to work just as well for voice of employee, voice of customer, voice of citizen, and more.

In this blog, we’ll look at one organization that uses Verint for Voice of Employee purposes, but we will let their work speak for itself.

The US Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) undertakes what has been called “the most comprehensive, robust yearly ESAT project that you’ll find anywhere.” Now, this makes sense. OPM’s responsibility is what it says on the tin, managing personnel, so it’s no wonder they need powerful survey management software to deliver surveys and collect feedback across agency, department, office, and team.

In their Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) Dashboard, every citizen can see the results of the most recently completed survey of the workforce under OPM’s purview. With 1.6 million surveys delivered, over 625 thousand surveys filled out and a responsibility to share this data with the public, OPM shows off their robust Voice of Employee work in a dashboard on their website.

The variety and amount of information available is incredibly impactful. For example, only 6% of federal employees answered the question “I know what my work unit’s goals are” in the negative. That is a decrease from 7% the year before. On the other hand, only 46% of federal employees surveyed said that ” management involves employees in decisions that affect their work.” This information is surely useful to OPM and the departments and agencies they serve.

According to a November 6th press release on the FEVS survey:

“This year’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey highlights that federal employees remain remarkably resilient, increasingly engaged, and value diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the workplace,”
-Kiran Ahuja, Director of the Office of Personnel Management

OPM’s efforts show that it is possible to do employee experience management at scale. While FEVS isn’t the only survey with dashboards on the OPM website, it’s incredible scale and annual nature, make it a terrific way to understand year over year change in government employee sentiments, challenge points and more.

How Verint Helps to Support Voice of Employee and Experience Management

Verint Voice of Customer Solutions offer you an unparalleled ability to manage surveys, listen to the voice of the employee, customer, citizen, and soldier, automate employee experience actions, and deeply analyze behavior, sentiment, and feedback all at scale. With clients who employ hundreds to those who employ over a million, Verint offers an experienced hand to organizations like yours.

Listen Everywhere

With Verint, you can listen across surveys, digital touchpoints, structured and unstructured feedback, and build a full view of your employee experience. With the power of speech analytics and text analytics, you can understand verbatims at scale, uncover trends hiding between the lines, and grow to better understand your employee base. Use anonymous surveys to generalize feedback across departments, teams, locations, or your entire organization, giving unparalleled insight into what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to employee engagement and experience.

Act Faster

Powerful experience automation technology allows simple and complex logic flows or even artificial intelligence backed decision making so that you can close the loop on employee complaints, highlight problem areas, and make changes to the employee experience faster than ever before. Verint makes this possible with our powerful rules engine and the power of Verint Da Vinci AI.  Our dashboards and views also make it easy to share your findings across your organization or make decisions in near real-time.

Analyze Deeper

Patented predictive models, digital behavior analytics, sentiment analysis, and other capabilities all work together to make the insights from your voice of employee efforts even more impactful for your organization. With predictive modeling, you can understand how employee sentiment changes with time, compares with other peer organizations in your industry, and accurately predict the results of changes to your employee experience. Whatever source the data comes from, Verint has you covered.

Understand Your Employee Experience at Any Scale.

Are you ready to deliver an exceptional employee experience, listen to the voice of the employee, and identify both areas of success and those in need of growth?

Request a demo today and select “Experience Management” under area of interest to learn more.

If you’re interested in further reading, check out our predictive modeling page, which highlights one of the patented solutions we use across customer experience, employee experience, and how this powerful solution can impact your business.