Verint Speakers in February: Insights on CX Automation, Knowledge Management + AI for Employee Engagement

Susanne Pitts February 1, 2024

Top Trends in KM for 2024

February 13; KM World Roundtable

Join Verint’s John Chmaj, Sr. Director, KM Strategy, at 2 p.m. ET. From the ongoing adoption of knowledge graphs and intelligent search to the rise of LLMs and generative AI, you’ll hear about the key enablers, success factors, challenges, and opportunities. Join John as he shares how KM is evolving in an automated content summarization/generation world and what that means for you.

Finding the Balance with AI for Better Employee Engagement + Getting Smart on Knowledge Management & Data Platforms

February 14-15; IT Expo East / Future of Work Expo

February 14, 9 a.m. ET

Finding the Balance with AI for Better Employee Engagement

Join Verint’s John Chmaj, Sr. Director, Knowledge Strategy, for the first of his two sessions. Workplace norms have become fluid—not just with the rise of hybrid work, but also the challenges of managing workloads that never seem to ease up.

AI-based technologies are creating ever-expanding volumes of data that need to be managed—without the right tools, workers can be easily overwhelmed. Knowledge management capabilities are essential for finding the right data for the task at hand and applying it to improve performance. Without this, employee engagement will suffer, and some will even view AI as being on track to take their jobs.

While AI is driving much of this new data creation, it can also be deployed for knowledge management to help workers navigate all this data. This provides workers with a sense of agency, where human input still has value—and AI is viewed more as job enhancement than job replacement. The future of work will very much be technology-driven, but there will be no workers if everything is automated. This session examines the nuanced approach that IT leaders must take with AI that does not erode employee engagement.

February 15, 8 a.m. ET

Getting Smart on Knowledge Management & Data Platforms

In this session, Chmaj will explore how, as companies look to extend self-service opportunities to customers or empower agents with AI assistance—generative included—they must first get their data in order.

This means breaking down data silos and creating a unified data layer enabling delivery of consistently accurate and contextually relevant information across all interactions. In this session, you’ll get expert advice on how to manage knowledge in the modern CX era.

How Shoe Carnival and Verint Bridge Digital and In-store CX

February 20; IQPC CX Network – Voice of the Customer

Join Shoe Carnival’s David Hudspeth, Senior Manager Customer Service & Fulfillment, and Verint’s Koren Stucki, Product Marketing, Vice President VoC, at 10:30 a.m. ET as they discuss the world of connected customer journeys, including how to listen across and build omnichannel experiences.

Your customers already expect you to have a connected customer journey. They don’t care that there are multiple teams within your business. That’s because they don’t see those teams—they only see one thing. Your brand. To meet customer needs and expectations, you need to listen everywhere and understand what all your customer feedback means as a whole—not just within each channel.

Join us at this session to learn:

  • Best practices for building connected customer journeys
  • How bots can bridge the gap between digital and in-person customer experiences
  • How to operationalize insights from surveys and other customer feedback.

CX Automation: The Secret Sauce of Quality Programs

February 21; GTWC webinar

Verint’s Reka Sarudi, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Content and Digital Marketing, and Tricia Manning, Director, Go-to-Market Strategy, Workforce Engagement, Quality & Compliance, will present this content at 12 p.m. ET.  In 2024 contact center quality programs don’t have to be slow, expensive, and inefficient. Really!

CX Automation is here to help you improve the quality of customer interactions and agent experiences. Join these Verint quality experts to learn how innovative AI-powered bots can increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce costs. Join us to discuss:

  •        What CX automation is and how it can accelerate quality programs.
  •        How to manage growing demands without expanding your workforce.
  •        How AI-powered bots can drive quality improvements.
  •        Important considerations when incorporating AI and bots.

Preparing for the Future of WFM

February 22; CRMXchange webinar

Join Verint’s Michael Wroblewski, Senior Director, Solution Sales, at 1 p.m. ET. Without the right tools in place to meet the staffing demands of increasingly complex contact center environments, managers struggle to reach their objectives. Workforce Management (WFM) must adapt to accommodate work from home, activity-based workspaces, and how to blend the omni-channel environment.

Discover the key strategies that will enable you to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital age with an effective, unified and future-proof approach to WFM.

Connecting Customer Journeys to Deliver Omnichannel CX

February 26; Le Méridien Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Join Verint’s Samantha McDougall, VP Sales, Services and Customer Success, at 9:30 am ET. Customers have increasingly high expectations for how they expect to interact with you. Whether they engage with you on the web, through your mobile app, in-person, or by phone, they expect the engagement to be connected. They don’t care that there are multiple teams within your business supporting different journeys—they expect a seamless experience regardless.

To meet customer needs and understand where journeys are broken, you need to listen everywhere, analyze across all channels, and act immediately on that customer feedback. McDougall will discuss the world of connected customer journeys and how to build omnichannel experiences. Attendees will learn:

  • Why having connected customer journeys is important
  • Best practices for building connected customer journeys
  • Leveraging the power of Voice of the Customer (VOC) and behavioral data to understand your customer journey and drive continuous improvement
  • How bots can bridge the gap between digital and in-person customer experiences.

Navigating the World of Smart Customer Service

February 28; Destination CRM Roundtable

Verint’s Cailyn Clark, RVP, Presales, will present this content at 2 p.m. ET. Cailyn and other members of this expert panel will discuss how to incorporate smart service strategies to enhance real-time customer engagement and self-service. Learn to leverage automation, chatbots, and data analytics to elevate your customer interactions.