Verint Report Finds Legacy Solutions Hinder 46% of Businesses from Delivering Great CX

Josh Ballard August 28, 2023

It may come as no surprise that customer service expectations continue to rise. They want faster responses on their engagement channels of choice, but almost half of businesses are hindered by legacy solutions that stop them from delivering great digital CX.

That’s just one of the key findings from the newly published 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience Report, which surveyed thousands of consumers and business leaders to build a clear picture of the current digital CX landscape.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of changing customer preferences and insight into businesses’ digital engagement strategies. Here are some of the most important findings to pique your interest.

Quick Responses + Ease of Use = A Good Customer Experience

About 65% of consumers surveyed ranked companies responding quickly as the most, or second-most, important aspect of a good customer experience. They also value the ability to contact a company on a preferred channel.

A growing preference for digital channels and higher expectations for customer experiences explain the desire for quick responses and first-time resolution. However, speed and accuracy are not always easy to achieve—providing a good customer experience also relies on effective self-service through automation and routing interactions to the right agent or bot, regardless of channel.

AI Is No Longer the Future. It’s Here

Delivering a great automated conversational customer experience is key to providing customers with quick responses to their queries. About 55% of CX leaders say AI technology is already a key part of their strategy, while 44% say the same for conversational AI.

By using AI-based intelligent virtual assistants, businesses can dramatically reduce average handle time while freeing contact center agents to perform more complex tasks and deflecting inbound volume through self-service.

The Majority of Consumers Have Had Bad Chatbot Experiences

Many businesses recognize the value of employing AI for automating areas of CX, but, of the 71% of consumers we surveyed who have used a chatbot, 64% say that they have had a bad experience.

Organizations should review their chatbots to ensure that they:

  • Are capable of answering the most common customer queries or handing over to a human agent when a personalized, more specific touch is needed.
  • Are leveraging natural language understanding (NLU) models—while also trained on terms and intents specific to the business—to understand customer queries and deliver the right experience.

Read the report for a full breakdown of the major frustrations that consumers face when speaking to a chatbot.

Consumers Understand the Key Benefits of Chatbot ExperiencesWhile many consumers have had bad chatbot experiences, they are overwhelmingly aware of the benefits of a good chatbot experience. What’s clear is that chatbots are not universally good or bad—there are simply good and bad chatbots.

The key for businesses is ensuring that their chatbot meets consumer expectations for resolving issues faster, passing customers on to a human agent where needed, and making service easier by understanding intents.

Legacy CX Solutions Hold Businesses Back from Delivering Great Digital CX

Customers want fast answers to their queries on the channels of their choice, but almost half of CX leaders say that legacy systems are a barrier to implementing great digital customer engagement.

Most legacy contact center solutions were not built to incorporate digital engagement channels. Many are simply unable to integrate with the latest technologies, such as conversational AI and generative AI models.

A more modern approach to the contact center is required whereby open architecture makes it easy to integrate a range of digital channels and solutions to power the omnichannel experiences that customers deserve (and demand).

Download The 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience Report

The five findings we have covered are just the tip of the iceberg. There are 24 individual insights in the 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience Report, all with expert commentary from leading CX professionals that will help make sense of the current market and help you make informed decisions to improve your business.

Download the report to learn:

  • The top CX customer trends and priorities for businesses in 2023
  • How CX leaders are approaching the use of AI in CX
  • How Open CCaaS can help to future-proof your CX strategy.