Verint Helps Santa Keep More Than Just His Sleigh On-track

Jasen Williams November 29, 2023

Chances are high that you’re busy right now—this season is known for that.

Guess who else is busy right now. That’s right—Santa Claus! Can you just imagine trying to hire enough elves to make enough toys for all the kids in the world?

Some of us remember writing letters to Santa about the toys we wanted. Do you think today’s kids write letters? No way! It’s an omnichannel world out there—texts, intelligent virtual assistants, all the social media platforms, instant messages, calls . . .

You get the idea.

Let’s be real. The old way of doing things isn’t getting it done anymore—not for you. Not for Santa.

Verint understands that. Check out this video to see how Santa—the biggest brand in the world—is managing this season’s many demands.

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