Verint Embraces Social Messaging by Acquiring Conversocial

Dick Bucci November 17, 2021

Verint took an important step in cementing its position as “The Customer Engagement Company” when it recently acquired Conversocial, a fast-growing company that facilitates interactions between businesses and customers via private messaging channels.

Verint now offers three categories of related solutions: Digital-First Engagement, Workforce Engagement, and Experience Management. The Digital-First Engagement group provides businesses with everything they need to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s digital-first enterprise. These include conversational AI, knowledge management, and omni-channel engagement orchestration. The acquisition of Conversocial significantly strengthened the conversational AI category by adding a proven platform for facilitating interactions between businesses and customers via private messaging channels.

In this analyst’s opinion, one of Verint’s greatest strengths is its vigilance in monitoring important technology trends then moving quickly to expand its solution suite to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Available research shows that private messaging is growing much more rapidly than public social media channels.

The acquisition expands Verint’s robust support for digital customer engagement with connections to private messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Google’s Business Messages, Instagram Messages, and public social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Conversocial helps leading brands such as British Airways, Hertz, Google, and Whirlpool build and scale relationships via the personal touch and convenience of social messaging. These and other brands have invested in social messaging because of the richer customer experience these channels provide, including robust support for bots, as well as the ability to embed illustrations, images, and video to create a superior customer experience.

Conversocial joins the Digital-First Engagement portfolio as Verint Messaging. Your customers and prospects can easily conduct interaction from this initial contact to resolution using a unique combination of bots and contact center agents. In most cases bots can completely address the inquiry—but if things get a bit complicated, the customer can immediately be handed off to a human agent. The Conversocial platform supports all interactions: human to human, human to bot, and even bot to bot—across every channel.

First contact resolution is sharply increased because information and tools are right there during the interaction. And if for some reason the customer must pause the interaction to attend to another matter, the asynchronous nature of messaging allows agents to pick up the conversation right where they left off when they return.

Based on actual experience, brands that invested in Conversocial’s platform realized these favorable results.

  • Revenue Growth: 122% increase in appointments over the web or mobile app and 109% increase in the number of clients that showed up for these appointments
  • Increased efficiency: First response time reduced by 80%
  • Reduced costs: Compared to live chat, automated messaging decreased cost per contact by 48%
  • Higher self-service containment: 52% of bot interactions did not require agent intervention

The Conversocial solution is hosted on the Verint Cloud Platform. This means data is shared among all solutions within the Digital-First Engagement solution category and benefits from the advanced artificial intelligence and analytics shared by all Verint software applications. Celia Fleischaker, Verint’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained “By supporting Boundless Customer Engagement that goes beyond traditional care channels, we are reimagining what it means to be The Customer Engagement Company for a digital-first world.”

Dick Bucci
Founder and Chief Analyst
Pelorus Associates