Holding AI to New Standards

Learning off the backs of guests is impossible in the hospitality industry, so industry leading automation practitioners understand the future of work necessitates seamless blending of automation investments with human workers. As a result, measuring what matters means viewing AI through a human qualitative lens of performance with elements like contextual awareness, courtesy, generosity.

View this webinar where Verint’s Frank Schneider, VP – AI Evangelist, walks through the future of AI score carding via a real use case from one of the largest hospitality brands in the world.

Watch now to learn more on these key takeaways:

  • The goal of good customer service isn’t to stop a customer from talking to you — it’s always been about easy, intuitive, empathetic, timely care.
  • AI should be measured on outcomes that make the interaction as fruitful and efficient as possible.
  • In hospitality – guest experience is table stakes.

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Frank Schnieder

Frank Schneider, VP – AI Evangelist, Verint

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