Verint donates to Law Society Pro Bono Services in Singapore

Verint Team December 20, 2021

Verint is proud to support the Law Society Pro Bono Services, an initiative by the Law Society of Singapore which brings free legal assistance to those in need. We donated various stationery and tech accessories, which were immediately put to good use at one of their outreach events. We recently answered a few questions about our donation (originally posted here) and why we chose the Law Society Pro Bono Services.

Q: How did you find out about us?

A: Social mentions, research and media coverage. We were looking for a reputable organisation that is active in their programmes and outreach, and came across an article about one of Law Society Pro Bono Services’ past activity. We did more research and found that our values aligned with yours and were especially impressed with your YouTube channel in particular, for the effort put into producing educational legal content.

Q: Why did you decide to support us?

A: Your mission in providing free legal assistance to those in need, lending a voice to people from all walks of life, especially to communities who needed it the most, resonated with us. Inclusion and empowerment are values we hold dear as well at Verint. We also believed that our donations – mostly stationery and tech accessories – would be put to good use at any of your events and/or legal clinics.

Q: Does Verint also support other charities?

A: Yes, we have regular drives around the Asia Pacific region. This is the first of such activities we’ve done in Singapore, and we hope to continue contributing to local beneficiaries in various ways.

Q: What is your driving force behind that?

A: We believe in giving back to the community. As a company, we too have our role to play in society, and we want to share our resources – whether it’s our time, donations or expertise ­– with communities that need a helping hand.