Verint Community 12: The New Version of Verint’s Market-leading Online Community Has Arrived

Jon Allen August 10, 2021

Online communities have never been more necessary than they are right now. Customers are buying online more than ever and are looking for a place to communicate about a company’s products and services—as well as a place to self-serve during and after their purchase. And that same company’s own employees are looking for a platform to discuss projects, publish articles, and find important information about their organization’s operations.

This is why Verint recently released Verint Community 12, the latest version of the industry-leading online community that includes a suite of new features intended to provide enhanced customer and employee engagement, content publishing capabilities, and other empowering tools.

Verint Community is an online community platform designed to help elevate customer, partner, and employee engagement, improve customer service, and enhance digital marketing and social commerce. Used by some of the world’s most trusted brands, this platform includes social applications such as blogs, forums, wikis, articles, activity streams, multimedia resource galleries and more. Verint Community reinforces engagement and community participation with social services, including ratings, likes, voting, gamification, reputation scoring, and point systems.

The new features available in Verint Community 12 not only improve functionality—it is more integrated than ever with other Verint self-service solutions, such as Knowledge Management, Chat and our Intelligent Virtual Assistant. It allows organizations to provide the tools and immediate access to knowledge and resources they need to deliver the sort of customer service and employee connectivity that will allow them to thrive.

The added capabilities have also made it a valuable and powerful community marketing tool. Verint Community 12 enables community marketing by allowing your customers to interact with each other and with your brand through blogs, message boards and other forums. Now, Verint Community users have access to more organized and diverse content, to get them the information and support they need about your products and services.

Verint Community 12 builds upon the successes of the previous releases, while also introducing a range of new tools. Most notably is the new Articles and Collections feature, a flexible application and content type for authoring a wide range of content. Articles includes the ability to publish FAQs, Alerts, and Articles structured via categories with configurable options such as approval workflows, scheduled posting and group publishing, helpfulness feedback settings and much more.

Other features now available through Verint Community 12 include:

  • Wiki to Article Migration: Wikis remain part of the Community platform but can be easily migrated—even in bulk—to easily searchable articles
  • Categories: Organize articles within a collection for easier, more functional accessibility and configurable iconography as a navigation aid
  • Helpfulness Feedback: Members can provide positive or negative feedback, helping to prioritize and maintain article relevance and accuracy
  • Auditing: Track the data-altering actions (user logins, plugins, content creation) taken in your community for better quality control and monitor them for actions that can trigger automation rules
  • Content Page Role Restrictions: Secure content pages by roles and provide privileged access to specific members
  • Peekable Content: Peekable content gives members content-specific, rich, and interactive hover previews throughout the site.

Here’s a full list of new Verint Community 12 features. Learn more about Verint Community and schedule a demo right here.